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How to Survive the Coronavirus in Mexico Part V

Another update on the numbers in Mexico. No deaths over the weekend. I had to go to the emergency room for my allergies and asthma. I called the Coronavirus hotline in Mexico to test it out.
2020, Mar 31   |   16 minute read

How to Survive the Coronavirus in Mexico Part IV

Midweek update on the coronavirus cases here in Mexico…They are rising.
2020, Mar 29   |   17 minute read

How to Survive the Coronavirus in Mexico Part III

How am I doing? Has Mexico shut down yet?! How many deaths? Are there food and supplies or are people hoarding? Are we on lock down? Another one week update…
2020, Mar 25   |   16 minute read

How to Survive the Coronavirus in Mexico Part II

What’s the state of Mexico right now? Is the Coronavirus bad here? Are people in panic? I give a one week update.
2020, Mar 17   |   10 minute read

How to Survive the Coronavirus in Mexico

Is the Coronavirus bad in Mexico? I talk about my past life in China and what I saw and experienced.
2020, Mar 10   |   21 minute read

What is my favorite candy in Mexico?

Youtube! Is it chocolate? Come find out.
2020, Feb 27   |   4 minute read

Expatriate Health Insurance

Podcast! Youtube! I talk about what I use for expat health insurance here in Mexico in case of a serious emergency and need to be evacuated back ‘home home’.
2020, Feb 11   |   18 minute read

Redesigned the Web Site

I redesigned the website to make it simpler and faster.
2020, Feb 03   |   2 minute read

Merry Christmas!

Feliz Navidad!
2019, Dec 25   |   2 minute read

I Finished My First University Course in Mexico

I took a Spanish course at the local university.
2019, Dec 13   |   2 minute read

My 3 Year Anniversary of Leaving America

Today is my 3 year anniversary of moving to Mexico.
2019, Nov 26   |   3 minute read

Get Off of Me!

Podcast! Youtube! I got in a fight at the airport.
2019, Nov 12   |   17 minute read

Review of Hotel Lira...a Sex Hotel in Mexico City

Youtube! I stayed at a sex hotel for ‘dia de muerto’ in Mexico City. Was it safe, clean, and noisy?
2019, Nov 08   |   2 minute read

Scammed by Manos Accelerator

Podcast! Youtube! I was accepted to Manos Accelerator’s Virtual Program and I was promised so much, but never received anything promised. I was promised a refund many times but never received it.
2019, Oct 14   |   7 minute read

Second Time: Meal Prep Delivery Service in Mexico

Youtube! I decided to try it a second time.
2019, Oct 08   |   2 minute read

Take A Look at a Brand New Neighborhood Outside of Merida, Mexico

Youtube! A brand new neighborhood outside of Merida.
2019, Oct 01   |   2 minute read

I Tried A Meal Prep Delivery Service in Mexico

Youtube! I decided to try a meal prep delivery service.
2019, Sep 24   |   2 minute read

A Visit to the Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctor in Mexico

Youtube! Podcast! For two weeks I’ve been suffering from ear pain.
2019, Sep 17   |   9 minute read

I Took A Cooking Class in Mexico

Youtube! I took a Korean cooking class in Mexico.
2019, Sep 09   |   2 minute read

What Skills Are Needed Overseas?

Youtube! Podcast! Updates on my life and what skills are needed overseas?
2019, Sep 04   |   17 minute read

Eye Healthcare in Mexico

My first trip to the eye doctor in Mexico.
2019, Aug 29   |   3 minute read

But Did You Die Though?!

Youtube! Podcast! I’ve been sickly and Americans are moving out of the country rapidly.
2019, Aug 20   |   10 minute read

A Look Inside an Old Merida, Mexico Home

Youtube! I went and looked at an old Merida home for sale in the downtown area.
2019, Aug 13   |   2 minute read

Seven Corners Insurance Review

I used my expat medical insurance for the first time.
2019, Aug 06   |   3 minute read

I Got a Piercing and Microblading in Mexico

Podcast! Youtube! I got a piercing and microblading in Mexico.
2019, Aug 06   |   8 minute read

I Almost Died in Mexico

Podcast! Youtube! I could have taken my last breath.
2019, Jul 25   |   13 minute read

Terrible Dental Care & My Crazy Ass Neighbor

Podcast! Youtube! It’s been awhile…let’s again talk about healthcare here. Let’s also talk about my old ass neighbor and boundaries.
2019, Jul 16   |   18 minute read

My Grocery Bill For 06/29/2019 While Living in Merida, Mexico

This week I don’t know what I’m having but I have plenty of meat in the freezer to choose from.
2019, Jun 30   |   3 minute read

My Day Trip to Telchac and San Crisanto

Youtube! I did a day trip to Telchac and San Crisanto.
2019, Jun 26   |   5 minute read

I Saw A Nutritionist in Mexico

I have lost some weight since being in this heat so I saw a nutritionist for my diet.
2019, Jun 22   |   4 minute read

My Grocery Bill For 06/15/2019 While Living in Merida, Mexico

I’m cooking clams for the first time in my life and enjoying my fave…beans!
2019, Jun 16   |   3 minute read

How to Live RIGHT in a Shit Hole Country

Podcast! Men are sick. What the future holds for me.
2019, Jun 12   |   13 minute read

My Grocery Bill For 06/06/2019 While Living in Merida, Mexico

This week I’m having pepper steak over rice.
2019, Jun 07   |   3 minute read

I Got Major Surgery in Mexico

One hell of a surgery!
2019, Jun 04   |   4 minute read

My Feet, My Neck, My Back, My Hips, My BLOOD

Youtube! Black molasses is heaven sent!
2019, May 05   |   5 minute read

Healthcare in Mexico and Why it’s So Bad

Podcast! I finally got over my fear of getting my health checked.
2019, Apr 27   |   17 minute read

My Grocery Bill For 04/19/2019 While Living in Merida, Mexico

This week I’m having shrimp pasta.
2019, Apr 20   |   3 minute read

My Grocery Bill For 04/09/2019 While Living in Merida, Mexico

Youtube! My grocery bill For 04/09/2019 and yellow chocolate chip ice cream?!
2019, Apr 10   |   3 minute read

Can You Plan Your Life?

Podcast! Youtube! What a terrible few days I’ve had and a Black Expat discussion on conspiracy theories, brain drain, and are there definite things you can do in life to be “successful”?
2019, Apr 09   |   17 minute read

I Scratched My First Lottery Ticket in Mexico

What a day I had! Bought my first lottery ticket, went to my first casino, and just lived!
2019, Apr 07   |   4 minute read

Sorry, Moving Overseas Ain’t For Everyone

Podcast! When you can’t figure out life in your home country, don’t think moving to another is going to solve your problems.
2019, Mar 31   |   15 minute read

My One Year Anniversary of Being an Immigrant to Mexico

Youtube! I celebrate my one year anniversary of becoming a permanent resident of Mexico.
2019, Mar 31   |   2 minute read

My Grocery Bill For 03/28/2019 While Living in Merida, Mexico

I want to start a new ‘series’ of blog posts. So people can see how I live, how cheap it is to live here, and because these are easy posts while I work on BeAForeigner.
2019, Mar 29   |   3 minute read

BeAForeigner.com Promo Video

Youtube! Investors want a promo video so I give them one.
2019, Mar 25   |   2 minute read

No Honors, No Awards

Podcast! I talk about how I didn’t follow the ‘rules’ in life. I barely graduated high school and college!
2019, Mar 21   |   2 minute read

Reverse Culture Shock and My First Pitch

Podcast! Reverse culture shock is REAL…what is it and what exactly happens? Also, I did my first pitch to investors for my business.
2019, Mar 12   |   3 minute read

Culture Shock

Podcast! What is culture shock and what does it look like?
2019, Mar 05   |   2 minute read

Mexican Zucaritas or United States Frosted Flakes?

Youtube! I compare Mexican Zucaritas to USA Frosted Flakes.
2019, Mar 01   |   2 minute read

Entrepreneur Life

Podcast! Entrepreneur life and my father is acting up. 😒
2019, Feb 17   |   2 minute read

My First Electric Bill in Merida

My first electric bill in Mexico (my first two apartments were paid for me).
2019, Feb 15   |   2 minute read

A Green Orange 🍊 in Mexico - Naranja Agria

Youtube! A green orange?! 😲
2019, Feb 08   |   2 minute read

My First Date in Merida

Podcast! My first date in Merida. 🤪
2019, Feb 02   |   2 minute read

Black Art in Mexico

I found the most beautiful Black art here.
2019, Jan 26   |   2 minute read

Bucket List Item Checked

Podcast! Just another obstacle on the way to my freedom.
2019, Jan 22   |   2 minute read

My First Facebook Live About Living Overseas in Mexico

Youtube! An interview where I talk about Mexico and BeAForeigner.com
2019, Jan 17   |   2 minute read

Walking Through a Merida Neighborhood

Youtube! I show you a neighborhood in Merida.
2019, Jan 16   |   2 minute read

Signs and Symbols

Podcast! I see signs and symbols all the time to lead me in the right direction.
2019, Jan 12   |   6 minute read

Do other countries have warnings about Dairy, Meat, etc?

Podcast! All these recalls of different foods in the US are ridiculous. I asked the people I know around the world does this happen in their new country?
2019, Jan 08   |   2 minute read

2018 is over! What did you do this year that was out of this world?

What did you accomplish in 2018?
2019, Jan 01   |   3 minute read

I Just Knew

Podcast! As soon as I stepped off the plane, I just knew.
2018, Dec 28   |   2 minute read

How to Open a Coconut

Youtube! My first time ever opening a coconut.
2018, Dec 22   |   2 minute read

In Awe of this Melanin and Health in Another Country

Can you live overseas with ailments?
2018, Dec 20   |   5 minute read

What is IT? A Vibrator in My Luggage

She didn’t know what it was…good thing I don’t get embarrassed easily.
2018, Dec 16   |   2 minute read

Finding an Apartment in Merida

Finding an apartment wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.
2018, Dec 15   |   2 minute read

THIS is my new home in Merida, Mexico!

Youtube! A walkthrough of my new home.
2018, Dec 13   |   2 minute read

My New Home in Merida, Mexico

I wanted this small house so bad but I didn’t get it.
2018, Dec 10   |   2 minute read

Life Changes, I Deal

Podcast! Making life changes again.
2018, Dec 08   |   2 minute read

This Thing Called Life

Podcast! Life is funny.
2018, Nov 24   |   2 minute read

Lake Atitlán and Pacaya Volcano Adventure Videos

Youtube! Video of the volcano up close and personal.
2018, Nov 20   |   2 minute read

Pacaya Volcano and Lake Atitlán Adventure

Guatemala is so beautiful!
2018, Nov 19   |   25 minute read

Time for Vacation in Guatemala

Podcast! I had a trying time in Guatemala but I don’t regret it.
2018, Nov 08   |   2 minute read

The Market in Antigua, Guatemala

Youtube! A video of the local market in Antigua, Guatemala.
2018, Oct 31   |   2 minute read

My Last Day of Spanish School in Guatemala

I’m sad today will be my last day learning Spanish in Guatemala.
2018, Oct 20   |   3 minute read

Ready to Leave Guatemala

Podcast! My time here in Guatemala has finished!
2018, Oct 12   |   2 minute read

Guatemala Sucks

Podcast! I dont like Guatemala at all but these Spanish lessons are ridiculously cheap so it’s worth it!
2018, Oct 05   |   2 minute read

First Time in a Foreign Hospital in Antigua, Guatemala

Youtube! I twisted my foot pretty bad and had to make sure it wasn’t broken.
2018, Oct 03   |   2 minute read

A Disrespectful Bitch Trying to Play Me in Guatemala

Youtube! I hate Guatemala even more now. It can burn up in a volcano.
2018, Sep 30   |   2 minute read

I Did Ziplining in Guatemala

Podcast! Does discrimination and ziplining go together now? 🤔
2018, Sep 25   |   4 minute read

My Spanish Teacher in Guatemala Loves Me

Podcast! Learning spanish day by day and acting silly with my teacher.
2018, Sep 13   |   2 minute read

The Gawking in Guatemala

A perfect example of why I don’t fool with people.
2018, Sep 12   |   4 minute read

Smoking Volcano in Guatemala

Youtube! The volcano is smoking!
2018, Sep 09   |   3 minute read

Dos Cucarachas and Living in Guatemala for a Month

Podcast! Dos Cucarachas and I’ve officially been in Guatemala for a month!
2018, Sep 06   |   4 minute read

Black = Novelty

Podcast! It’s 2018! Why is seeing a Black person met with such curiosity? Also, we went to a hot spring…waste of time.
2018, Sep 02   |   4 minute read

Toe Fuckery at the Spa - Bamboo Antigua Spa

Come look at this mess!
2018, Aug 31   |   7 minute read

Spanish Progress in Guatemala

Podcast! Food blog and how is my Spanish now?
2018, Aug 27   |   2 minute read

Free Private Tour in Antigua, Guatemala

I got a free, private tour from my school.
2018, Aug 20   |   9 minute read

Progress With Spanish and Food Poisoning in Guatemala

Podcast! Youtube! I got food poisoned.
2018, Aug 18   |   3 minute read

The Struggle in Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua is nothing like Mexico City.
2018, Aug 15   |   5 minute read

Chocolate Museum and Wine Tasting in Guatemala

I visit the chocolate museum and do a wine tasting.
2018, Aug 14   |   16 minute read

My First Week in Guatemala is Over!

Podcast! My first week in Antigua is done.
2018, Aug 13   |   2 minute read

Videos of GORGEOUS Antigua, Guatemala

Youtube! Videos of Antigua, Guatemala.
2018, Aug 11   |   3 minute read

A Black American Woman Does A Homestay in Guatemala

Podcast! I was terrified of doing a homestay, but everything is ok.
2018, Aug 08   |   3 minute read

My First Day at Spanish School

My first day of Spanish school was went well.
2018, Aug 07   |   5 minute read

I Have Arrived in Guatemala

I arrived in Guatemala safe and sound.
2018, Aug 06   |   7 minute read

Guatemala and Language Immersion

Podcast! Off to Guatemala!
2018, Aug 02   |   2 minute read

A New Adventure in Antigua, Guatemala

Podcast! I’m in love with Mexico City but…
2018, Jul 31   |   2 minute read

Am I Lactose Intolerant in Mexico?

Podcast! Are you lactose intolerant? I’m not anymore.
2018, Jul 30   |   2 minute read

Struggling in the US

Podcast! Why are you struggling in the US or (insert country here)?
2018, Jul 27   |   2 minute read

What can $196 pesos get me in Mexico City?

Youtube! What can 196 pesos get me in the grocery store?
2018, Jul 26   |   2 minute read

Grabbing Some Tacos at a Taco Cart in Mexico City

Youtube! Let’s go grab some tacos.
2018, Jul 24   |   2 minute read

Deodorant Review #6 of 12 - Stank Stop Deodorant

Youtube! I review an all natural deodorant called Stank Stop.
2018, Jul 23   |   2 minute read

Review on Google Voice

I keep a Google Voice number to be tied to the US.
2018, Jul 22   |   2 minute read

Out and About with Steak Tacos in Mexico City

Youtube! I grab some steak tacos.
2018, Jul 16   |   2 minute read

I'm Growing Jalapenos in Mexico City

Youtube! Never in my life did I ever think I could grow something and eat it.
2018, Jul 15   |   2 minute read

Black Folks Get Followed All the Time

Podcast! I get harassed in the US all the time for no reason…do I get harassed in Mexico?
2018, Jul 14   |   2 minute read

I Visited the National Great Blacks in Wax Museum in Baltimore, Maryland

Such an amazing museum filled with Black history.
2018, Jul 13   |   13 minute read

New York City Day Trip

I visited NYC for the first time.
2018, Jul 10   |   54 minute read

Jobs Here in Mexico City

México City is truly an international city with tons of opportunities.
2018, Jun 19   |   3 minute read

Black in Mexico and Hair, Body Care and I Don’t Want For Anything

Podcast! Is it easy to find products for the melanin here? And how am I treated here?
2018, Jun 17   |   2 minute read

Zombie Fest in Mexico City

A waste of time ‘Zombie Fest’…the makeup was nice though.
2018, Jun 09   |   3 minute read

Tacos! Tacos! Tacos!

Podcast! I love tacos…every kind of taco and the salsa!
2018, Jun 07   |   2 minute read

First Time Flying as a Mexican Resident

I’m officially leaving the country as a Permanent Resident.
2018, Jun 05   |   3 minute read

Do I Miss the United States?

Podcast! Do I miss the US ever? 🤔
2018, Jun 02   |   2 minute read

Becoming a Mexican National and Taxes as a US Citizen

Podcast! Taxes as a US citizen.
2018, May 27   |   2 minute read

BeAForeigner.com and The Lonely Expat Life

Podcast! No one will understand your life once you become an expat.
2018, May 21   |   2 minute read

My First Interview in Mexico City

Podcast! Got my first job interview here.
2018, May 18   |   2 minute read


Youtube! I show you the delicious lichi.
2018, May 17   |   2 minute read

Medicine is Much, Much Cheaper in Mexico

Podcast! I show you the delicious lichi and I talk about healthcare in Mexico.
2018, May 14   |   2 minute read

Robbery in Mexico City

Podcast! Someone I know got robbed on her way to school early in the morning.
2018, May 13   |   2 minute read

How To Live overseas Without Going Broke

A few options on how not to go broke and have to come home.
2018, May 03   |   7 minute read

A Mexico City Bull Fight #BRUTAL

Podcast! Youtube! Argue with your mother, but watching a bull fight was an amazing experience.
2018, May 01   |   2 minute read

Deodorant #5 of 12 Review - PiperWai

Youtube! All natural deodorant review of Piper Wai.
2018, Apr 30   |   2 minute read

A Bad Storm in Mexico City

Youtube! A terrible storm came through Mexico City.
2018, Apr 29   |   2 minute read

Charles Schwab Bank - Best Bank for Americans that Travel and Live Overseas

If you travel or live overseas, then you should have a Schwab account.
2018, Apr 29   |   5 minute read

I Had a Seizure in Mexico City

I had a seizure on the train, good thing my friend was there with me.
2018, Apr 19   |   3 minute read

Review of Rappi - Latin America's Wonderful Delivery App

What is Rappi? It’s like Uber…but for ANYTHING you ever need or want.
2018, Mar 18   |   2 minute read

I Straddle Two Worlds

Being an American is difficult because the country won’t fully let go.
2018, Mar 13   |   3 minute read

I'm OFFICIALLY OFFICIALLY a Permanent Resident of Mexican!

Youtube! I’m officially a permanent resident of Mexico!
2018, Mar 10   |   2 minute read

My First Time Going to Mardi Gras in New Orleans

I went to Mardi Gras for the first time.
2018, Feb 27   |   10 minute read

After the Earthquake in Mexico City

Youtube! My neighborhood was hit hard by the earthquake.
2018, Feb 25   |   2 minute read

Deodorant Test #4 - Thinksport Unscented Natural Deodorant

Youtube! I review Thinksport Unscented Natural Deodorant.
2018, Jan 28   |   2 minute read

A Look Inside a Mexico City Condo For Sale

Youtube! Take a look at a brand new condo here in Mexico City.
2018, Jan 26   |   2 minute read

Date at the Pyramids in Mexico City

Youtube! Date at the pyramids and the trinkets I got while there.
2018, Jan 23   |   6 minute read

Deodorant Test #3 - Lafes Roll on Deodorant

Youtube! I did a review for Lafes Roll on Deodorant.
2018, Jan 20   |   2 minute read

Deodorant Test #2 - Thai Deodorant Mist Roll-On

Youtube! I did a review on Thai Deodorant Mist Roll-On.
2018, Jan 12   |   2 minute read

2 Delicious Fruits You Can Find in Mexico

Youtube! Check out what a guanabana and mamey that is grown locally here in Mexico.
2018, Jan 05   |   2 minute read

Deodorant Review #1 - Weleda Wild Rose Spray Deodorant

Youtube! I did a review on Weleda Wild Rose Spray Deodorant.
2018, Jan 01   |   3 minute read

I Got in a Car Accident in Mexico City

Youtube! I was in an Uber and hit a guy.
2017, Dec 21   |   2 minute read

Chemtrails and Processed/Preservatives in Food

Youtube! Are there chemtrails and processed and preservatives foods in Mexico?
2017, Nov 30   |   2 minute read

My 1 Year Anniversary and Ricky Martin

Youtube! I can’t believe I’ve been here for a year now and I celebrated with a FREE Ricky Martin concert.
2017, Nov 27   |   3 minute read

Festival Internacional del Globo de Leon

Youtube! Took a bus to Leon and saw the hot air balloons lift off.
2017, Nov 22   |   3 minute read

Cat Calling in Mexico City

Youtube! How bad is catcalling in Mexico City?
2017, Nov 18   |   2 minute read

What is dairy like in Mexico?

Youtube! I was lactose intolerant as hell in the states. Can I eat dairy in Mexico?
2017, Nov 14   |   2 minute read

Gym Costs in Mexico City and I Got A Filling

First time at the dentist in Mexico City and I check out the cost of a gym across the street from me.
2017, Nov 10   |   3 minute read

I Got a Haircut in Mexico City

I switched barbers and really like this one.
2017, Nov 02   |   2 minute read

I Went to Mexico City's First Day of the Dead 2017

The Day of the Dead in 2017 was so much fun!
2017, Oct 31   |   12 minute read

Another Apartment for Rent in Mexico City

Youtube! An example of an apartment in Mexico City.
2017, Oct 20   |   2 minute read

Another Apartment for Rent in Mexico City

Youtube! Another example of an apartment in Mexico City.
2017, Oct 15   |   3 minute read

After the 2017 Earthquake in Mexico City

My first mani pedi and haircut and after the 2017 earthquake.
2017, Oct 14   |   6 minute read

I Was Not in the 2017 Mexico City Earthquake

I’m safe in Houston, away from the earthquake in Mexico City.
2017, Sep 22   |   2 minute read

How I Almost Died From A Sandwich in Mexico City

Food poisoning is NO JOKE. I thought I was going to DIE!
2017, Sep 18   |   2 minute read

2017 Earthquake in Mexico City, I'm Safe!

Something told me to leave after the first small earthquake and I’m glad I did.
2017, Sep 10   |   4 minute read

UPDATE: My Living Expenses in Mexico City

Here are my living expenses in Mexico City.
2017, Sep 05   |   4 minute read

Agave, Chocolate, Cafe Fest in Mexico City

When I tell you, we had the time of our lives at this expo!
2017, Sep 02   |   5 minute read

My Family is Safe in Houston from Hurricane Harvey

Houston is a mess right now.
2017, Aug 30   |   2 minute read

Dinner in the Sky Mexico City at the Teotihuacan Pyramids

I had the time of my life at Dinner in the Sky Mexico City.
2017, Aug 22   |   6 minute read

My Second Date in Mexico City

My second date in Mexico City never happened.
2017, Aug 20   |   3 minute read

How Moving Overseas Forces You to Become A Minimalist

I am a Black American Minimalist living it up in Mexico…everything I own can fit in two bags.
2017, Aug 18   |   5 minute read

My First Date in Mexico City

I got a date in Mexico City….let’s see how this goes.
2017, Aug 17   |   4 minute read

Reggae Night and My First Mexican Fight on the Train

Youtube! We found some more Black folks and partied all night long. Also, saw my first fight on the train here.
2017, Aug 08   |   4 minute read

Torta Food Festival in Mexico City

We went to a Torta Food Festival and had free food.
2017, Jul 29   |   5 minute read

Review of The Lena Cup Menstrual Cup

I’m in love with the Lena Cup…it changed my life.
2017, Jul 27   |   5 minute read

My Daddy is Fine Now, I'm Coming Back to Mexico City

My father is all right…needs to eat better and drink water….but that will be the day…
2017, Jul 24   |   2 minute read

My Father is Sick

My father is sick in the hospital…let me go home.
2017, Jul 13   |   2 minute read

Minimize Your Expenses While Living Overseas

How to minimize your expenses as much as possible when living overseas.
2017, Jul 04   |   3 minute read

Review: VivaAerobus Mexico's Discount Airline

I review VivaAerobus Mexico’s discount airline.
2017, Jul 02   |   3 minute read

How Easy it is to Obtain Medicine in Mexico

It’s really easy to get medicine and care in Mexico.
2017, Jun 29   |   3 minute read

Pics From Cancun

Back home in Mexico City and Cancun was so much fun with the family.
2017, Jun 26   |   7 minute read

Review: Airbnb in Cancun

I don’t fool with Airbnb anymore.
2017, Jun 24   |   5 minute read

Made it to Cancun!

I’m in Cancun and it’s HOT!
2017, Jun 16   |   5 minute read

Review: Telmex - Internet in Mexico

I got my own internet and it’s FAST!
2017, Jun 14   |   3 minute read

Cancun and Dating

I leave for a week to Cancun and I might start dating.
2017, Jun 13   |   3 minute read

My First Mexican Festival

Youtube! My first festival in Mexico City.
2017, Jun 04   |   4 minute read

Huge List of Teaching English Online Companies

I found this handy dandy resource of a list of online teaching gigs.
2017, May 27   |   2 minute read

Review: Raw Chicken in Mexico Comparison

Youtube! I review the chicken in Mexico.
2017, May 25   |   2 minute read

How Much I Spend on Groceries in Mexico City

A grocery bill for one week.
2017, May 24   |   6 minute read

How to Bring Your Dog to Mexico

What is the process to bring your pet to Mexico?
2017, May 23   |   3 minute read

Review: Black American Museum in Washington DC

I love DC and I went there just to see the Black American museum.
2017, May 21   |   59 minute read

Podcast Interview

My first podcast interview.
2017, May 14   |   2 minute read

Review: Priceline Name Your Own Price

I love Priceline.
2017, May 13   |   4 minute read

Why You Need a VPN (Virtual Private Network) When Leaving the Country

Make sure you get yourself a VPN before you leave the country.
2017, May 07   |   3 minute read

How to Deal with Homesickness While Overseas

Can you actually ‘deal’ with homesickness?
2017, Apr 26   |   7 minute read

Grutas Tolantongo

I visited Grutas Tolantongo in Hidalgo, Mexico.
2017, Apr 25   |   6 minute read

Review: World Trade Center - Bellini Restaurant

Youtube! I visit the World Trade Center and the Bellini Restaurant.
2017, Apr 20   |   5 minute read

Happy Easter

Mexico City is dead around Easter time.
2017, Apr 17   |   2 minute read

I Guess I'm Finally Settled

Just a few updates…I’m lazy though…
2017, Apr 16   |   4 minute read

My First Mexican Festival

One of my favorite malls in Mexico City.
2017, Apr 12   |   4 minute read

Review: Uber Eats in Mexico City

I’m in love with Uber Eats in Mexico City. It’s been a life saver!
2017, Apr 04   |   4 minute read

Mexico City Food Tour

Finally got around to doing a food tour and exploring foods I haven’t tasted before.
2017, Apr 02   |   9 minute read

5 Things I Hate About Mexico City

In MY opinion, these are the 5 Things I Hate About Mexico City…
2017, Mar 29   |   3 minute read

10 Things I Love About Mexico City

In MY opinion, these are the 10 Things I Love About Mexico City…
2017, Mar 28   |   4 minute read

Review: Krystal Grand Reforma Uno in Mexico City

A review of the Krystal Grand Reforma Uno in Mexico City.
2017, Mar 27   |   3 minute read

The Expenses I Gave Up By Moving to Mexico

The expenses I gave up by moving to Mexico.
2017, Mar 27   |   6 minute read

Review: Krystal Grand Reforma Uno in Mexico City

A review of the Krystal Grand Reforma Uno in Mexico City.
2017, Mar 27   |   3 minute read

Review: Lucha Libre, That Mexican Wrestling, in Mexico City

Youtube! A review of the Lucha Libre show in Mexico City.
2017, Mar 26   |   3 minute read

Review: Xochimilco Boat Ride in Mexico City

Youtube! I take a boat ride in Xochimilco, an eventful part of Mexico City.
2017, Mar 26   |   7 minute read

Fleeing America: The Grass is Greener

My article about me leaving the US.
2017, Mar 24   |   6 minute read

A Black Woman Climbs the Teotihuacan Pyramids

I climb the pyramids outside of Mexico City.
2017, Mar 18   |   21 minute read

Review: Chapultepec Castle Has Black History

A castle in the middle of Mexico City and its Black history.
2017, Mar 11   |   53 minute read

Don't Listen in Mexico

Youtube! Why do men not listen to women?
2017, Feb 15   |   3 minute read

Review: Six Flags Mexico

Youtube! I haven’t been to Six Flags in YEARS!
2017, Feb 14   |   3 minute read

Bull Fighting in Mexico City

Mexico City still has bullfights and I went to one.
2017, Jan 31   |   4 minute read

Real Live Black Expats

I met another Black Expat!
2017, Jan 29   |   4 minute read

Review on WITZMAN Men Travel Backpack Canvas Rucksack Vintage Duffel Bag A2021

Youtube! I love this thing for travel!
2017, Jan 27   |   2 minute read

New Apartment in Mexico City

My brand new second apartment in Mexico City.
2017, Jan 25   |   3 minute read

Review of the Radisson Paraiso Perisur Hotel in Mexico City

I love a good spa day and so you know I had to check out one here in Mexico City.
2017, Jan 11   |   3 minute read

I Visited the Zocalo Area of Mexico City

Youtube! One of the areas you must visit when coming to Mexico City.
2017, Jan 07   |   4 minute read

Elyse is Missing in Action

Just a quick update in my life.
2016, Dec 30   |   3 minute read

Review of the Oasis Coyoacan Mall in Mexico City

The malls in Mexico City are amazing.
2016, Dec 23   |   6 minute read

A Wasted Day

Ugh I hate when I waste a day, so useless.
2016, Dec 20   |   3 minute read

Another Update to My Life in Mexico City

A quick update to my life in Mexico City.
2016, Dec 19   |   4 minute read

Explanation to this Life of Mine

Youtube! Just my little silly life again…
2016, Dec 14   |   4 minute read

My Spanish Progress

Life as a Spanish student in Mexico City.
2016, Dec 09   |   5 minute read

Today Was a Good Day in Mexico City

I’m taking it day by day.
2016, Dec 08   |   5 minute read

My First Day of Spanish Class in Mexico City

I start Spanish school!
2016, Dec 07   |   4 minute read

Two Days Before Spanish Classes

Just a quick update…
2016, Dec 04   |   2 minute read

I Survived First Week Living in Mexico City

How was my first week living in Mexico City?
2016, Dec 04   |   9 minute read

A Wonderful Day in Mexico City

Youtube! Just updates in the life of Elyse…
2016, Dec 03   |   7 minute read

I Did Nothing Today in Mexico City

Such an uneventful day I had…
2016, Nov 30   |   3 minute read

My Second Day is Better in Mexico City

My second day in Mexico City.
2016, Nov 29   |   3 minute read

My First Day in Mexico City

How was my first day in Mexico City?
2016, Nov 27   |   4 minute read

I Have Arrived in Mexico City

Youtube! I have arrived in Mexico City!
2016, Nov 27   |   2 minute read

I'm Moving to Mexico City

Off to Mexico City I go!
2016, Nov 26   |   3 minute read

Rest in Peace Momma

My mother passed away on 11/11/2016.
2016, Nov 26   |   4 minute read

Countdown Time to Quito, Ecuador

I’m so excited to get out of here and live in Ecuador for a while.
2016, Nov 11   |   2 minute read

Packing List of Medicine

My packing list with medicines.
2016, Oct 27   |   3 minute read

Packing List of Shoes

My shoes packing list.
2016, Oct 25   |   3 minute read

Packing List of Clothes

My packing list for clothes.
2016, Oct 24   |   5 minute read

Carry On Only

Can I do carry on only?
2016, Oct 22   |   3 minute read

Where Will I Go to Next?

Next trip…to where?
2016, Oct 13   |   3 minute read

China Driving is Crazy

Youtube! China driving is crazy!
2016, Oct 07   |   2 minute read

First Class to Beijing on United Airlines

I flew first class to Beijing.
2016, Sep 25   |   9 minute read

A Review of the Langham Hotel in Beijing

An honest review of the Langham Hotel in Beijing.
2016, Sep 10   |   5 minute read

My First Day in Mianyang

I’m in China!!!
2016, Aug 30   |   8 minute read

I Made it to Beijing

I’m in China!
2016, Aug 28   |   3 minute read

I Am Heading to China

I’m on the plane to China.
2016, Aug 26   |   2 minute read

Why Am I Moving to China?

Why am I moving to China?
2016, Aug 21   |   5 minute read

The Countdown to Leave for China Starts

The countdown to leaving for China starts NOW.
2016, Aug 20   |   3 minute read

I Quit My Good Ol Government Job With No Regrets

My last job….
2016, Aug 19   |   5 minute read

I Left Tucson, Arizona for A New Life

I’m set to head to China.
2016, Aug 13   |   3 minute read

Buy a China Cell Phone Sim Card Before You Leave

I got a sim card off of Amazon before I left for China.
2016, Jul 26   |   3 minute read

A Weird Dream I Had About China

These dreams I have…
2016, Jul 25   |   3 minute read

Booking a Hotel in Beijing

I found my hotel for Beijing!
2016, Jul 23   |   3 minute read

Getting my Work Permit for China

My work permit was approved!
2016, Jul 21   |   2 minute read

Buying My Plane Tickets to China

I have to go from the US to Beijing then to my final destination.
2016, Jul 21   |   3 minute read

American Airlines Points Structure Sucks

I don’t like American Airlines.
2016, Jul 21   |   3 minute read

Get Health Insurance Before You Leave the Country

Health insurance and travel insurance are both important overseas.
2016, Jul 20   |   3 minute read

I'm Not Going to Costa Rica

One day I’ll make it Costa Rica for my mother…but right now she’s watching me in Mexico.
2016, Jul 18   |   2 minute read

Minimalism is the Key

Minimalism is a real thing.
2016, Jul 11   |   2 minute read

What I Receive as a University Employee in China

List of all my benefits for my first China job.
2016, Jul 05   |   2 minute read

Searching for a Flight to China

Searching for a flight is tedious.
2016, Jul 03   |   4 minute read

I'm Moving to China!

I love a new adventure.
2016, Jul 02   |   5 minute read

My Fantastic Trip to Hilo, Hawaii

Youtube! I went to Hilo just to see the volcanoes and Hawaii did not disappoint.
2016, Jun 21   |   34 minute read

My First Solo Trip to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon

Youtube! I had the time of my life in Las Vegas and at the Grand Canyon.
2016, Jun 12   |   29 minute read

Kitt Peak National Observatory

I saw Mars and the stars!
2016, Jun 05   |   5 minute read

Welcome to My Blog

Welcome to my blog. Be sure to subscribe for updates to the blog and follow me on social media.
2016, Jun 03   |   3 minute read

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