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My Grocery Bill For the Week While Living in Merida, Mexico

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At some point, you’re going to get tired of living the way you do… so I want to start a new “series” of blog posts. So people can see how I live, how cheap it is to live here, and because these are easy posts while I work on 😊

I usually order groceries once or twice a week to be delivered. This week I wanted hamburgers and it’s that time of the month so lots of junk food 😣. I don’t normally buy this stuff!

The delicious hamburger I made…#proud 🥳
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Here’s my list with prices (in Mexican pesos):

  • Pickles $45.50
  • Grapefruit (5) $10.00
  • Blackberry Yogurt Popsicles $33.00
  • Chocolate chip ice cream $55.00
  • Yogurt 6 pack $37.50
  • Spinach $9.00
  • Water 5L (3) $51.00
  • Red grapes $23.50
  • Frosted Flakes $34.00
  • Dozen of eggs $25.50
  • Milk $20.50
  • Cookies $41.50
  • Coconuts (10) $100.00
  • Papaya $38.00
  • Tomato $6.00
  • Hamburger buns $16.00
  • Yellow onion $6.50
  • Jalapeno (2) $2.00
  • Ketchup $13.00
  • Baby wipes (2) $39.00
  • Hamburger meat $93.81

I tipped $20.00. With discounts my total came to $694.42.

That’s about $36 USD with the exchange rate of about 19 pesos = $1 dollar.

I’ll get another delivery this week because I can’t eat hamburgers all week.

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