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My Grocery Bill For 04/19/2019 While Living in Merida, Mexico

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At some point, you’re going to get tired of living the way you do… so this is my 3rd blog post on my grocery bill. So people can see how I live, how cheap it is to live here, and because these are easy posts while I work on 😊

This week I’m making honey garlic butter shrimp over pasta. #delicioso! 🤤

A picture of the shrimp I bought. Does it look different than what you find in your city? 🧐

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Here’s my list with prices in Mexican pesos and the quantity is in parentheses:

  • Sour Patch Kids (4) $64.00
  • Baking Soda 150g $9.57
  • Dish Washing Liquid 900mL $34.50
  • Apple Tea With Cinnamon (3) $34.00
  • Shrimp 1kg $269.28
  • Moringa $86.67
  • Green Onion $8.80
  • Kikkoman Soy Sauce 296mL $77.50
  • Kaporo Keemaki Lite 300g $15.00
  • Stick of Butter 200g $65.35
  • Snyders Pretzels No Gluten 226g (2) $167.00
  • Cookies 513g (2) $67.00
  • Zucaritas (Frosted Flakes) 490g $33.90
  • Milk 1L $18.50
  • Spinach (2) $15.60
  • Chile Serrano Pepper $3.42
  • Spaghetti Pasta 160g $3.95
  • Papaya $40.49
  • Coconuts (10) $158.00
  • Garlic $3.85
  • White Onion $8.80
  • Avocados (4) $37.76
  • Lemons (3) $28.30
  • Watermelon $18.33
  • Dried Cranberries 1kg $161.60

I’m trying to incorporate more seafood into my diet hence the shrimp. 1kg = 2.20462lbs FYI.

That time of the month is coming so junk food.

I accidentally ordered two bottles of soy sauce but you can see the price difference between crappy products made in the US and products made in Mexico. I don’t want anything to do with products from the US because they are harmful and they are ALWAYS more expensive. The only exception I make are my pretzels…everything else I buy is made right here in Mexico or another Latin American country.

Total was $1,401.17 pesos. That’s about $75 USD with the exchange rate of about 18 pesos (the exchange rate has dropped) = $1 dollar. That includes the service fee, the tip, and any discounts I received.

Also, check out the week before this post also my other blog posts: What can $196 pesos get me in Mexico City? and How Much I Spend on Groceries in Mexico City.

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