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Searching for a Flight

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So I practically spent all day searching for a flight (yes I barely worked at work). I knew with my crippled ass (I’ll talk about that in another post) needed to be comfortable when flying for 12+ hours. I sought out who had the best seats, best food, best entertainment, internet, etc etc. I didn’t want to go with an American airline because their reviews weren’t great for international flights. I checked out the top 5 airlines (Qatar, Asiana, Singapore, Cathay Pacific, ANA). I looked for discount travel on Statravel to see what they offered. I looked at Yelp for personal opinions and experiences. I was all set to fly Asiana when I read a horrible review about a lady spilling milk on a man’s bag and they called the local police on her and made her miss her flight. I kept on searching…

I sometimes read The Points Guy and I found out about United’s airline miles special going on right now. I scoped out how many points it would take to fly from either San Francisco to Beijing or Shanghai or Los Angeles to Beijing or Shanghai one way. The flight’s price for economy and first class was the same price!

Now considering I was going to fly Singapore next and the cost was $866.34 one way economy, the United deal wasn’t TOO bad. Especially since I’d have a LONG layover and this flight is nonstop. I already had 3,000 points from my Hawaii flight and just needed 77,000 more miles. I purchased 39,000 miles and got another 39,000 miles for free for a total cost of $1,365.00 + 102.38 tax recovery fee (can’t believe they charged tax!) = $1,467.38 final cost. I bought their flight insurance for $27.00 and I was charged a fee of $5.60 so total cost of the flight was $1,499.98. Not a bad deal at all for first class flying to Asia. I looked on Expedia and a first class one way flight to Beijing from San Francisco was $1,900+ with stops. The flight I’m taking is regular price of $5,012.90 so United just lost a TON of money on my flight. An amazing difference of $3,539.92! I’m also not too worried about the cost because I get a travel reimbursement at the end of my teaching contract. Of course the reimbursement wasn’t supposed to cover a first class round trip flight but it almost covered a one way flight which isn’t too bad.

This will be my second time flying first class. I flew first class back in the good old days from my hometown to Houston on Continental. My family gave up their seats for a voucher to fly in first class. We got snacks such as grapes and crackers and my parents got wine. I believe I was about 13 years old. I’m TOO excited and can’t wait for my next adventure. I’ve already picked out my “pod” on the flight.

But I still have to get to the city I’m teaching in so I’ll be booking another flight from Beijing to Mianyang…stay tuned!

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