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Agave, Chocolate, Cafe Fest in Mexico City

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Man! A friend and I had so much fun yesterday! We went to the agave, chocolate, and cafe fest. We literally spent a whole damn work day there lol. They were throwing out all kinds of free samples. My friend and I got tipsy! All kinds of mezcal, tequila, pulque made right here in Mexico and we couldn’t even try them otherwise wouldn’t have made it out. I got many cards to start selling products to you…so stay tuned! I’m setting up my store as I type this. I had the best cheese I’ve ever had in my life. If you think string cheese back home is good or those cheese that comes individually wrapped…NOPE!

The chocolate festival was also fun but I’m just not a fan of Mexican chocolate. All types of fancy, expensive chocolate there though (see the pictures). The cafe event was selling all kinds of equipment to start a small restaurant. I got useful information there too.

Saw some weird products like flavored spray salt. Tried every flavor and it just tasted like salt. Not impressed.

Saw the “sham wow” although it was called something else here. It actually works! Now I was impressed with that!

The cost of all three events was $240 pesos = about $14 with the exchange rate.

I’m going to a Pandora event tonight to see what is happening. Saturday is a food cart event and I’m sure they’ll be throwing out free samples too.

They do this every day with all kinds of events. I have YET to scratch the surface of this amazing place. And that’s just Mexico City…we’re not talking about the other cities and towns in Mexico. I love my new home without a doubt!

Last but not least I want to talk about my other home…Houston. My family is still fine. My father went out the other day to get a haircut which I thought was shameful but things are open in their area. My sister also drove about 50 miles all the way downtown to try and find our Uncle and everything was clear with no water but you could see the damage. The airports are slowly but surely opening back up and in about two weeks I’ll go help. I’m terrified another hurricane will be coming. Hurricane season barely just got started. #holdonHouston


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