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Ok truth be told I haven’t done anything substantial out here because I left my portable charger back home or lost it. I’ve also been focusing on my Spanish classes, grieving, and working on my business. I can’t find a large enough charger to support my phone out here. Soon as I get back from going “home” next month I will be more out and about and doing things after school and weekends. I will also be moving into a more desirable area and location so I’m not far away from my school. I’ll be moving into an apartment with a nice view and it’s right by a train station AND I have a washer. I can’t wait! I would post pics but somehow Airbnb corrupts the pics after downloading.

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When I come back from visiting my family and picking up a “care package”…I will be visiting this place called Grutas Tolantongo. It looks like heaven and I’m here for it. I will be doing a food tour week after next. Can’t really leave the city yet because of my phone situation and I need Uber!

I can’t believe next weekend is Christmas! I’ll be sitting at home and make sure I have food stocked up so I don’t have to starve. Wonder if I can find a turkey? Lol I’m trying to figure out do I want to do Lucha Libre or tequila tasting next weekend. I’m leaning towards getting my drink on so I’ll probably save the Lucha Libre experience for another day.

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Going to weigh myself when I get back “home” all this good eating I think I put on some weight but my arms will never get right. They’ll stay bony forever. I haven’t been exercising like I should but I do walk a lot. I’ve found yoga places and when I get to my new neighborhood I’m sure there will be plenty of things I can try out and work on my spanish.

I’ve been looking for an art class because I’ve been saying for YEARS I want to take one. This is the best time to work on my spanish and take either a painting, sculpture, or ceramics class here. I posted my question in a group but didn’t get too many answers…blah. I’m going to also look into cooking classes as I want to try new things.

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I have two weeks left of my spanish class at my language school. I wish I had did my research a little more before coming as I could have studied at a university here for cheaper and been more engulfed in the culture. But it’s ok I’m still learning and I didn’t need to stress myself out too much anyway. The classes at the university start in January but I’ll have to see because I’ll be gone for a few days back home.

I’m going back home in January for my nephew’s birthday, take care of some business, and get some things that I must have here. They use real sugar and I want that processed crap. The real sugar tastes like poison to me! I love oatmeal too much.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

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