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2 bedroom apartment

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It was such a nice day today (now it’s raining). Walked around and got Lil Ugly and me some exercise and explored my neighborhood some more. Got invited to a new restaurant that opened and he said I could bring mi perro. Might have to go check it out. Trying to get back on a schedule is HARD. But got some Espanol in and found this new show that is easy to follow in Spanish and short so it keeps my ADD attention span -3963" src="" alt="" width="31" height="29" />.

A 2 bedroom apartment is for rent below me. It is definitely outdated, especially compared to my apartment since my apartment was “new-ish” when I moved in. No one had lived in it long term. Landlord says it is $9,000 pesos about $500 with the current exchange rate, no utilities included, and unfurnished. Not a bad deal at all. I would consider it but I said I wasn’t going to buy furniture ever again until I bought my house. Plus it would be pretty interesting buying furniture here and getting it up two flights of stairs. I’m going to stay where I am. Plus I’ve done so much moving in the past 7 years…I’m TIRED.

And sorry about the video…I really need to take a photography and video shooting class.

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