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Back home and published!

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Stepped off the plane about two hours ago and back in Mexico City. Feels good to be back home.

Now for the story…A Uber guy picked me up to take me to the airport and of course I put in Hobby Airport but it gave a different address. The guy had no idea where to go so we’re in the back of the airport and it’s storming. It starts to flood real bad and I’m telling the guy to hurry up and MOVE before we ge stranded. Sigh…so this idiot thinks we should go through the water…mind you we’re in a damn Toyota Corolla. I tell him NO! You’re not about to get me killed nor have me on the 6 o’clock news on top of your car waiting to be rescued. I turn on Google Maps to find an alternate route and we get to the airport safely. Now I have less than 30 minutes to get my boarding pass and head through security. As always I get my bags chosen to be extra scrutinized. I had baking soda in my bag that I stole from my sister. I was going to joke that it was cocaine but decided against it. I’m saying hurry up in my head before I miss boarding. I had just enough time to pee, grab a snack and a drink. There was less than 20 people on the plane so I got to stretch out.

What had me cracking up was a couple that wanted to upgrade their boarding position. First, there were less than 20 people sitting in the waiting area. Second, it’s not that serious to be upgrading a boarding position on Southwest. Third, I checked in like 3 hours before the flight and still got an A position so I knew the plane was going to be empty. I laughed to myself as they were not very bright.

Since it was storming we had a little bit of turbulence and I was scared to death. First time I’ve ever flown when it was raining and the first time turbulence was that bad for me. I’m trying to calm myself as I get panic attacks. The turbulence stopped and thank goodness I didn’t have a panic attack as I’m pretty much comatose when I have them. After all that I just listening to Spotify for my short 1.5 hour flight.

The good news is that I have my first article published! It got published the same day I submitted it right on the front page of the web site. I was SO excited! Here’s the article. There will be more to come to advertise and get my name out there. I’m also going to be posting weekly on my Youtube channel so stay tuned for that. I received my first sale on my Get Out of Amerikkka course yesterday and my first contact. I’m so excited my name and what I want to accomplish is getting known.

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    Be sure to subscribe for updates to the blog and follow me on social media. 😍

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