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Black Art in Mexico

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One thing I love about Mexico is…Blackness is everywhere. They have figurines of us you can buy and paintings. And they wouldn’t sell them if people weren’t buying them and putting them in their houses!

I tried to buy prints from a Brotha but he was bullshitting. Sadly. So I found a Mexican man that puts prints on wood scrolling through Facebook marketplace at 1am.

My painting was delivered directly to me and I didn’t even have to go pick it up for FREE. The husband and wife were so happy to meet me. Probably honored a real, live Black person bought a piece of his art.

The cost was $280 pesos or about $14.

I had unibrow Frida hanging up in my room and every time I entered I would see her. NO! give me my Blackness.

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  1. Thanks for the post about “Black” Art in Mexico. I’m an artist and have wondered what possibilities there might be.

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