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Review: African American Museum in Washington DC

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Sorry for not posting as much. I was just living life with my family and unplugging. I got back to Mexico City with my dog on Thursday and needed time to rest. I will also write a separate post on how to bring your dog to Mexico.

My trip to DC…

I left Mexico City at exactly 12pm to hop in an Uber and head to the airport. My arrival at the airport was smooth and I checked in and checked a bag. I was hungry so decided to grab a bite to eat at a restaurant I frequent when I fly. The service is usually good but this time it was horrible. I waited at least 10 minutes for my server to arrive then when I was ready to leave another 15 minutes for my check to arrive then another 10 minutes for them to come get their money. Being the rebel I am and since I had a flight that was boarding, I left. I bet you I got their attention then. The waiter comes over and asks for his money and I paid. The restaurant was not that busy but I noticed everyone else was being served first except me. That will be the last time I eat at this airport at all since most airports’ food services are provided by one company. I will eat a big meal before I come and pack snacks. The wait staff will not eat off my money anymore.

The flight to DC was uneventful. Just a little bit of turbulence but not too bad. I saw a beautiful lightning show in the sky and the sun setting. I have no idea what city and state I was flying over though. I had to go from Mexico City to Houston than from Houston to DC, so I ended up taking two flights to get to DC.

I made it to the airport at midnight and not one hour into stepping back on US soil did I not have problems. I ordered an Uber to get to my hotel. I made sure to acknowledge my Uber driver and make sure it was him since I couldn’t see the license plate before I got in the Uber. I left my bags outside the car for him to put in the car and I got in the car. I didn’t say anything when I got in the back seat because I was tired…I had been traveling for 12 hours and plus what do I have to talk about at midnight? My driver sped the whole way to the hotel and I’m thinking to myself ok nice we’re getting there faster…not thinking he was angry. When we arrived at the hotel about 15 minutes later he slams car doors and threw my luggage on the ground. Then he says he wasn’t my servant and I could have said hi. I told him fuck you and went on about my business. I’m guessing he was mad when I didn’t acknowledge him again when I got in the car and when I left my bags for him to put in the back of the car. Either way, I never have these issues in Mexico and I dread coming back to the US. It never fails…as soon as I step off the plan I have issues.

I checked into my hotel and was anxious to explore the Black Museum the next day. For those wondering how I got tickets EVERY DAY. I had to wake up at 6:25am so that was technically 5:25am my time. No wonder I was tired at the end of the day. You can get same day passes that way and just walk up to show your passes at the time you chose. I had no issues getting tickets this way. I went to the museum for three days as the museum is huge. I tried to take clear pictures AND interesting pictures for everyone to see.

On my way back from DC to Houston a real bad storm came into Houston. I absolutely HATE flying in and out of Houston. The weather is just too unpredictable. I never had these problems anywhere else. My flight had to fly up towards Austin and circle around for about a hour and then we almost ran out of fuel. My flight had to land in Austin, get more fuel, and then wait for the storm in Houston to finish passing through. I’m not the most frequent flyer but I’ve never experienced that before. I was just ready to go “home” to visit my family. Then when I did land Uber had surge pricing going and I had to wait another 45 minutes to get an Uber. My nephew ended up falling asleep on me and mad that I didn’t come when he wanted me to. All in all I do not regret seeing the Black museum. It was AMAZING!!! Check out the pictures below…

The history in the museum is beyond amazing. Black people can do amazing things. The energy I felt when I walked in was astounding. It felt like I was in the room with the GREATEST people on earth. They were there speaking to me. This is why I do what I do. You can literally spend weeks here and not see everything. I tried to take as many pics as I could in the limited time I had. This is definitely an experience I wish EVERYONE on earth could experience.

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