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Here is a list of great ways to make a living overseas so you do not have to worry about money. I tried to keep the list to jobs where you work for yourself and not have to depend on others hiring you:

UPDATED 05/20/2019

  • Angloville - Explore Europe for free by conversing in English and stay in beautiful countryside hotels.
  • Diverbo - Volunteers can enjoy a free week at one of our English-speaking villages.

  • 1. Teacher - TONS of resources online on how to do this. A good website to start with is ESLcafe. Please be sure to sign up for their forum it has ALOT of good information. You can also teach online. If you are a certified teacher you definitely have more options and schools will pay top dollar and offer a GREAT benefits package. You can also do private tutoring or start your own school.

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    2. Day Trader - It is like gambling. You win some you lose some. There are plenty of resources online to help you understand what you're doing. You can also get a free trading account to practice with.

    3. Online Poker Player - Read online this is a great way to make enough money to live overseas.

    4. Freelance - This includes writing and photography. See this website that has a list of websites you can freelance online with. This also include programming, marketing, virtual assistant, etc etc gigs.

    5. Travel Medical Worker - You can work just about anywhere in the world as a nurse, speech pathologist, physical/occupational therapist just to name a few jobs. These are great fields to pursue if you want to travel and live overseas.

    🎠 Skiplagged - Exposing loopholes in airfare pricing to save you money

    7. Travel Agent - You can work remotely and have clients anywhere in the world.

    8. Tour Guide - This is more location dependent. Set up shop somewhere and offer unique tours of your city.

    9. Military - They usually live overseas for periods of time with everything paid for. Although I have known people in the military that have been on the same base in the US their whole career.

    10. Boat Crew - Rich people sail and are always looking for crew to man the ship.

    11. Cruise Ship Worker - Cruise ship jobs allow you to see the world and get paid to do it.

    12. Au Pair - Take care of rich peoples' children. I talked to a woman that did this right after high school in Spain. She became fluent in Spanish and loved it. She is still in contact with the family she lived with for a year.

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    13. Geologist - You will definitely need a degree to become one but the travel and living overseas opportunities are crazy.

    14. Street Performer - I see these people all the time here in Mexico City. I have no idea if they make a great living or not but they must or they wouldn't do it day in and out.

    15. Work in Exchange for Room and Board - They give you free living expenses in exchange for work. All kinds of websites online to find opportunities. A good one I just found out about is You can work on organic farms or maybe TrustedHousesitters.

    16. Peace Corps Worker - They now have it to where you know the location before you go. You can get on their web site and apply for any open jobs that they have. I've heard good and bad stories about the Peace Corps. Please do your research.

    ⛱️ VisaHQ - Help in obtaining your visa if needed

    17. Flight Attendant/Pilot - If you work for an international airline you will be based in another country. Most of these jobs require more than one language though so get to learning!

    18. Sex Chat Operator - Very easy work and very location independent. You can work anywhere on this earth as long as you have a good internet connection. Talking dirty to men in short messages.

    19. Phone Sex Operator - Companies are always hiring or you can start your own line with an 800 number and they pay VERY WELL. If you are up to it you can make a lot of money and have stories to tell for days.

    20. Web Cam Worker - Same as a Phone Sex Operator but your presence will be out there.

    21. Importer/Exporter - I plan to do this if I ever quit being so lazy and get to it. Importing and exporting products from another country can be very lucrative.

    🚑 Seven Corners - Travel/Health insurance in case you get hurt, sick, or lose your luggage

    22. Host/Hostess/Server - People pay good money to see a pretty face serving them.

    23. Interpreter/Translator - If you know another language this is very lucrative and would allow you to work anywhere in the world. This is why I need to up my Spanish quickly.

    24. Diplomat/Government Worker - As an ex-fed I had the opportunity to live in various locations all over the world as an Auditor. Go to Usajobs for more information.

    25. Missionary - You would provide humanitarian help to those less fortunate than you.

    26. Airbnb Host - If you own property you can rent out a room or the entire place.

    27. Business Owner - This could be location dependent or not depending on if your business can be mobile.

    🛴 Viator - Get $10 free

    A few other ways you can live overseas: 1. Attend school overseas - Alot of countries are much cheaper to attend school in than the US anyway. You can still get federal loans to attend school in another country. Also, after you graduate alot of countries offer visas so you can stay longer. I wish I had done this when I was younger.

    2. Work overseas programs (Working holiday visa) - Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, Singapore, and Ireland offers work visas for young people in the US to work for a year or more. I thought about doing New Zealand...I even applied and got approved back in 2012...but never went.

    🗿 Groupon - Have used this web site for YEARS to find all kinds of deals in multiple cities all over the world.

    I hope this article helps those looking to move overseas. You can do it!

    *I do not vouch for any of the services or programs I have
    mentioned above. A healthy amount of caution should always be
    exercised when accepting hospitality from strangers.

    Elyse Y. Robinson @ BeAForeigner Inc.
    Elyse Y. Robinson

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