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Chapultepec Castle Has Black History

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I met up with a woman from one of my travel groups. It’s funny because I panicked for the second time I’ve been here. I realized I was in a foreign land and couldn’t have a full blown conversation with anyone. I’m a firm believer of what’s meant to be will be. She got me to come out of the house and explore a bit. I’ve been sitting in the house since I got back on Sunday only to come down to get my food deliveries from Uber Eats.

Now the review of Chapultepec Castle…the castle was amazing! It was huge and we stayed there for 3 hours. I loved the history of it all. There were all kinds of artifacts from over the years, rooms that had original art and furnishings in them, and paintings that depicted Mexico’s history over hundreds of years. My favorite part were the paintings. You can see a few of them in the pictures below.

All paintings depicted how the white man (Spaniards) came over to steal, rape, lie, cheat, and wreck havoc on the indigenous people’s lives. They were all informational yet shocking. I saw murdered babies, people nailed to the cross, and beheadings.

As I walked through the castle I felt uneasy and felt for the Mexican people because the white man did the some of the same things to my people and continue to do so…only thing is my people never recovered. You can see in the paintings the Black people as they were the darkest people in the paintings with curly hair. I was so excited to see a piece of Black history.

I plan to go again because there was so much to look at and two trips are needed.

After the castle, we went and grabbed a bite to eat. We found a VERY expensive restaurant around the corner and walked in the wrong door. There was nothing but men in there. We got all kinds of hoots and hollers at us. We were not expecting that! We slammed the door shut immediately. A man came to the door and told us to come in…ok…I was weary. I peeped through to the back and saw a woman back there so figured it would be all right. They told us to come through as we came through on the wrong side. All we were trying to do was get out of the rain.

I ordered tortilla soup which was pretty good and filling while she ordered chicken noodle soup. The chicken noodle soup had spearmint in it which turned me off. Ended up spending $17 on a bottle of water, two margaritas, and a bowl of tortilla soup. Ridiculous! They did speak English though and were very polite and helpful.

I’m definitely going to the pyramids next week. Stay tuned…

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