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Date at the Pyramids

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I partied my life away this weekend. Friday night the Mexico City peeps and I went to a club and partied until almost 3am. Then we went and got tacos. We stumbled upon a few more Black people and danced our lives away.

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Then Saturday I had a date *drumroll* not with a Mexican but with a South African. I can’t believe I have yet to go on a date with a Mexican. But honestly, I really haven’t tried. In a country with no Black people, I find them all the time. It is definitely ok with me, but I have to give you at least one story of a date with a Mexican right?

We took Uber there and back which took about an hour each way. Cost is about $50 total. Entrance to the pyramids is 70 pesos (about $3.88). I was shocked that the place wasn’t very crowded which was great for our pictures. As you can see we went to the pyramids and had a photo shoot together. Then we went to a “Japanese” restaurant (not a Japanese person in sight). Finished the night off with just sitting and talking for a while.

I’m sore as can be after climbing the pyramid but it was well worth it for the pics I took. I’m grateful he pushed me to go because I sure didn’t want to and I will definitely cherish my pictures forever.

I also picked up some trinkets to add to my store.


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