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Date in Houston

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So I “met” a guy in one of my singles groups (which I have now since left all of them). He lives in the states, up north. He told me he wanted to come visit Mexico City as he had never been here. So I told him sure I’m always open to meeting new people. That was in September. He told me twice he was coming but never did. So at this point, I’m through and told him to leave me be. He’s on my Facebook page so he sees I’m going to be in Houston. He tells me he’s coming when I’ll be there. I’m like sure, whatever I’ll be there. *rolls eyes*

We did meet up and I had fun the first day. The second day I suggested wine tasting and he asked if he could bring his friend. *record scratch* Say what? Come again? Hold on…I called my male friend and asked him about the situation. He told me to just ask why. I asked my older, female friend and she said the same thing. So I’m like ok let me go take a shower and come back to this again (I do my best thinking in the shower). My male friend is hyping me up asking me what am I going to do? HUSH! I’M ON IT!

I’m out the shower and dressed so I ask for why? According to him, he didn’t want to be rude as he was sleeping on his friend’s couch and wouldn’t have time for her if he’s with me. Next question was should I block you? He said no, what, why? I told him because you’re making someone else a priority when you came here to see ME. Go chill with her. We didn’t speak the rest of the day.

The next day he tells me he had fun with me and wants to go out again. I’m such a hot head and I had cooled down by then. So I ask what are you going to do to make up for it? We went out and had fun and went out again the next day. He took me “sake tasting” since I have never had sake before and we saw Black Panther together.

He’s in IT so a weirdo to the max but the guy definitely intrigues me and I enjoy his company. I don’t think he thought this one through. Anyway, he’s supposed to come visit me in Mexico City next month so we shall see.

Next update is about me becoming a permanent resident…stay tuned! I’m just updating my book so it will be ready when I post.

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