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Day in the Life

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Still trying to get on a schedule. I think I’m doing better today. Recap of yesterday:

Took Uber to my class (I think this will be my mode of transportation to class everyday). Worked on my homework in the car as I was too tired after taking care of business back home to do it. On my way I grabbed a fresh squeezed orange juice from the corner for 15 pesos (75 cents) and it was delicious. Got to where I needed to be and had 20 minutes to grab something to eat and scarf it down before heading to class. I got flauntas which is like taquito back in the states. It was delicious! I got two for $1.25 including tip.

Second day of class and I felt better about it. I love my teacher. He is so great! Yesterday I learned numbers, countries, and recapped how to introduce myself and el alphabetico (the alphabet). I’m so glad I sprung for the 2 hours a day class. 4 hours is too much! I would have been seriously brain dead. 2 hours is just right.

After class my classmate and I went to “linner” and we talked. He’s from Scotland and 40 years old. He seems cool. Sorry I didn’t take a picture of what I had. It was a delicious tostada. Cost+tip $5 I spent…I don’t know how much I tipped I just gave the guy some pesos lol.

After that I went home took care of some business back home and crashed the rest of the night. I was supposed to have a date with my rescuer the Haitian guy but he cancelled on me again…maybe one day lol. Check out the huge piñatas I saw. I would love to bring one back for my nephew but I have no idea how that would work on a plane without it getting crushed.

I signed up for a free walking tour of Mexico City this weekend so hopefully I won’t be too lazy and go. I need to wash clothes and go shopping.

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