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Devastation in my Neighborhood

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Sorry, I haven’t been posting…but I’ve been trying to get back into the swing of things around here. Monday I went and got my first mani/pedi and haircut. The barber was recommended to me by another person so I know he would be great.

I walked around my neighborhood and saw some of the devastation (see pics) and also found new places for me to frequent.

My mani/pedi took forever and I will never go back there. The lady was patient with me though and patiently took her time with my mani/pedi too s/emotions/disappointed/disappointed-3.gif" border="0" alt="Disappointed 3" title="Disappointed 3" />. The cost was $310 ($19) pesos. I walked around my neighborhood a bit more and found another for $220 pesos so I’ll go there next time.

My new barber is great. He lived years in Los Angeles and speaks english. My haircut was $300 pesos ($16) and it was a decent haircut. Not the best haircut I’ve ever had but I can’t complain.

I also got my dog a haircut and wash for $200 pesos ($11) at the local groomer.

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