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Dinner in the Sky Mexico City at the Teotihuacan Pyramids

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A lady from one of my Facebook groups asked if anyone wanted to do Dinner in the Sky with her. They have one here near the pyramids right outside of Mexico City. I’m like hell yeah, I’ll do it! We planned this back in MARCH…can’t believe it is now August. Boy how time flies!

We get there and another set of people are in the air so we get to see how high up we’ll be. Not too bad. They offer us champagne before we get in the air. There is also a dance show before. They explain a few things before they strap us in and then we’re off!

It was a little windy way up there and my dumb butt had my jacket wrapped around my waist and once they put the harness on you it’s a wrap…no more moving. They spin you around slowly to get the full view of the area which includes the pyramids in the background and the mountains. It was beautiful.

They fed us: tuna ceviche (I didn’t eat this as I don’t eat anything raw), some kind of balsamic salad in a jar (it was ok), seasoned, steamed pork (actually pretty tasty), bread (good), and dessert was chocolate mousse with fruit (good). It wasn’t a bad dinner at all and was good enough to eat.

The whole thing was about an hour and a half and at the end they had us take off our shoes and drop them down below. So fun! They kept the cheap wine flowing and by the end I was tipsy. They brought us back down and gave us more champagne and gifted us a picture with the pyramid in the background.

Only negative is that they thought me and the lady were together so I didn’t get my souvenir picture by myself. So pissed as it was a great photo. I might complain and get that portion of my money back.

Total price for the experience with 15% off coupon: About $158 with the exchange rate back then

And sorry no pics of the food! I was HUNGRY!

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