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Don’t Listen in Mexico

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So without further ado…here is a video I made on my little adventure yesterday. Basically, I met a guy online in one of my Facebook groups and he has never been out of the country. So I invited him to visit Mexico since it’s just like the US in many ways just the language barrier. Nothing romantic, no sex, nothing of the sort…I’m just a tour guide. I gave him instructions on what to do before he left but he chose not to adhere to what I said. He comes with just a little bit of money and then ran out. At that point there was nothing more I could do for him because I WARNED him. I told him to go back home as I’m not dealing with him anymore. My attitude is stank and even if he did get money some kind of way, I would be pissed the rest of the time he’s here.

He has totally messed it up for anyone that wants to visit me in Mexico from here on out. I’m going to start charging to be a tour guide.

Here are the text messages we exchanged:

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  1. Rachel Jones

    This was hilarious! I know I’m late on this, but this is too much!

    • Keen & Ready

      Yup men are ridiculous and I can’t make this up

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