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Dream About China/Plans for Work

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Back home and trying to sell the last little bit I have.

I had a dream that I had so much fun in China. I wasn’t stressed and I was at peace. This also tells me that my mother will be alright and that it’s safe for me to go. The countdown to quit my job is starting tomorrow.

I was going to do it big when I quit my job…youtube videos, live on facebook, write an outrageous letter to quit, but I was shown the path I need to take a few weeks ago. I was getting my weekly dose of acupuncture and the receptionist lady that I chat to every time I walk in was there. We chatted as usual and she led me back to the room for my appointment. I finished my appointment and she wasn’t at the front desk. I didn’t think anything of it until the acupuncturist and the massage therapist was sitting there and whispering. I asked what all the commotion was about and they told me she wrote a letter and quit. I couldn’t read the letter as her handwriting was in cursive and the note was upside down. I took this as a sign that I need to exit quietly from my job instead of making a big scene.

I plan to go to work, work the full day, then email a letter detailing why I’m quitting (more on that on another post) to my boss, her boss, and all the way up the chain. I will leave my credit card, keys, and badge on the desk and never come back. Make sure my time sheet is filled out properly and I’ll be on my way back home when I get that phone call because I KNOW my boss will call me asking what the hell happened. I’ll text her back and say this agency wasted a year of my life and played with my livelihood.

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