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So mi amigo came to visit me and we explored a few spots in Mexico City. We went to a Lucha Libre show (Mexican wrestling), bull fight, and saw the Museum of Tolerance. I had so much fun. The bull fight was BRUTAL…worse than the first one I went to. I will post the videos whenever he decides to send them to me. The Museum of Tolerance was very informational and outstanding.

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We were on our way to the Tequila Museum Monday night. On the crowded train, hot as I don’t know what, next thing I know my legs are weak, everything is spinning, and my vision is blurry. Thank goodness I ran off the train. Then I pass out in his arms. It seemed like 5 minutes but he said it was like 1 second. He calls over a few of the security guards and they help me out by fanning me and giving me an apple. Thank goodness I always bring water wherever I go because I needed it.

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I’ve had seizures previously thanks to a highly peddled medicine cough Zoloft. I won’t even get into the discussion on what I’ve experienced with over 6 different doctors and trying to get help. Basically, I’ve been laughed out of the room when I told them Zoloft caused me to have seizures. Embarrassed as hell, peed on myself, and almost boo booed 😐. Yeaaaa…

We ended up taking a cab back to his hotel, grabbing some food, and going to sleep.

I’m alright I think but I’ll go get established with a doctor next week and find out more about using my Mexican health insurance.

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