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The Expenses I Gave Up By Moving to Mexico

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I want to talk about the bills I gave up by moving abroad. The last place I lived in the US was Tucson, AZ.

Here were my expenses every month in Tucson:
Rent $800 (was raised to $850 right before I left)
Frontpoint Security ($39.99)
T-mobile ($37)
Water/Sewer/Garbage ($55)
Internet ($39.99)
Renter’s Insurance ($21)
Car Insurance ($100)
Car Payment ($356)
Electricity ($80)
PO Box ($15)
Life Insurance ($0.83)
Long Term Care Insurance ($20)
Amazon Prime ($8.25)
Food ($700)
Total About $2,273+ every month

Let’s break it down and give you an explanation:
Rent – I lived in a 3 bedroom house, about 1,300 square feet with washer, dryer, a/c, heat, dishwasher, no yard, no garage…just me and my pup. I loved living in a big house, but hated cleaning it. I’ve never been a collector of “stuff” so my house was never cluttered and had a very “clean” look to it. I moved so much I just had the basics to live in my house. My bad habit was buying clothes. I had three closets full of clothes! You can guess what I have now in comparison…a hand full of clothes.

Frontpoint Security – This was left over from when I lived in Los Angeles and was scared of living by myself. That was the first time I ever lived alone. They make you sign a three year contract. I didn’t really need it in my Tucson home because I had bars on my windows and doors.

T-mobile – You need a cell phone! My cell phone bill has gone up since moving to Mexico because I switched over to the new unlimited plan.

Water/Sewer/Garbage – Since I lived in a house I had to pay for water, sewer, and trash pick up every month.

Internet – Have to have internet

Renter’s Insurance – I debated giving this up while living in Tucson since I had bars on everything but decided to keep it in case of a fire or flood. Yes, it gets hot as hell in Tucson and yes they have monsoons which equals flash floods.

Car/Car Insurance – Have to have car insurance if you own a car. I dreaded going back to having a car as I didn’t have one for almost three years before that. You don’t want to stand in 118 degrees or a monsoon to get somewhere. Plus my job pretty much required a car. I found a phenomenal deal on a brand new Toyota Prius C and jumped on it. I loved that car. I only filled up the tank about once a month or if I was really good once every month and a half. My next car will be a hybrid and probably a Toyota as that car saved my life too.

Electricity – Need that of course and especially in the desert

PO Box – HAD to get one because my mail was just sitting outside out in the open where anyone can steal it. Plus I could get deliveries to the post office which made that process safer too.

Life Insurance – In case something happens to me

Amazon Prime – I got most of my things from here so a Prime membership was a must.

Food – I ate healthy with mostly fruits and vegetables…yes I spent that much on food per month for ONE person. This does not include eating out.

I didn’t even include gas for the car (minimal since I had a hybrid), activities to keep me sane, eating out when I didn’t feel like cooking, household items for the house, clothes and shoes, medical/dental bills, the taxes the government took out my check, medical and dental insurance, etc etc. Now mind you I made good money as a professional and wasn’t struggling. BUT there had to be more to life than working, coming home, rinse and repeat everyday…then getting 6 weeks off every year to do something or be sick lol.

Now my expenses for Mexico City:
Rent ($504) – Furnished with essentials and right by a train and bus station. A weekly maid that cleans my apartment from top to bottom and washes my clothes. Internet, electricity, and water included. Handyman on site Mon-Sat which fixes things and takes my garbage out for me. I scaled down A LOT but my life is better. I can always move into something bigger later.

Life Insurance ($0.83) – Have to keep that

Travel Insurance ($25) – In case my body needs to be brought back to the states and also includes health insurance where I can be reimbursed for anything medically related. ($15) – To receive mail from the states. The service scans the mail and lets me know what I have.

T-mobile ($51) – I use when my internet is down and for keeping in contact with people.

Uber ($100) – I don’t drive and just use Uber. Each ride is between $3-10 depending on where I’m going.

Food ($350) – My bill will be coming down DRASTICALLY starting today as I’m going to start cooking and quit eating out for every meal. Let’s see how this goes lol. I’m already thinking about having an omelette delivered…sigh.
Total about $1,045 per month

I’ll probably add Amazon Prime back to the list since they have it out here now. I accidentally let my Long Term Care Insurance lapse so I have to re-apply for that again and hope to add it to my bills again. This list also doesn’t include yearly or bi-yearly things like VPN (Virtual Private Network), dental check ups, and physicals.

As you can see I cut my bills more than HALF and upgraded my life. Now if I can get that Spanish in my brain, the sky is the limit. I want to help you do the same. Please check out

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    Be sure to subscribe for updates to the blog and follow me on social media. 😍

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    How old are you a what do you do to you generate income?

    • Keen & Ready

      Ah you missed my about me page lol. I’m 30 and I day trade and sell items on Amazon.

    • Keen & Ready

      Thanks for the info Rich! I have considered giving it up but that whole Amerikkkan mentality has me scared! I know a family that sent their grandmother back to Italy to live out her last days and paid less than 1/3 what you would pay in the US and had a view to die for.

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