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Eye Healthcare in Mexico

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I received LASIK back in March 2016 when I lived in Arizona. One of the best decisions of my live!

I have not had my eyes checked since at least August 2016 because that’s when I left my life to help take care of my mother. Soooo it’s been a few years…

I received a recommendation for a clinic and made my appointment through Facebook messenger.

One thing I love and hate about Mexico is the ease of making appointments online. My writing and reading of Spanish is much better than my listening and speaking so I’m grateful for that. I hardly ever have to call on the phone.

The place looks like any other doctor’s off with a front desk and waiting room. The exam room was clean, well lit, and had the latest technology.

The doctor and assistant spoke English very well. They asked about my illnesses, if I was on any medications, checked my blood pressure, and dilated my eyes.

Cost was $750 pesos or about $39 with the exchange rate.

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    • Yup…what is that…about half the price of an appointment in the US?

  1. Onyeka Young

    That’s most half the price in Nigeria…
    This was helpful … keeping giving us first hand gist..
    You rock??

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