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My Day Trip to Telchac and San Crisanto

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I went on my first day trip here in Mexico. I kept saying when I lived in Mexico City I was going to do a few but it’s Mexico City! You never have to leave just hop over to a new neighborhood and explore.

I found this trip through Facebook ads crazy enough. It was about $14 and included transportation there and back with an English speaking tour guide. I ate breakfast and we had to buy our own lunch so total cost with taxi there was about $31. Both of those fish plates were delicious and heavenly. One with butter and the other with coconut.

For the trip we went to Telchac and San Crisanto which is about an hour away from Merida. Telchac has beautiful beaches and I actually got in the ocean and swam! I’m terrified of the ocean but I had so much fun. I’ll have to do it again. You can go pretty far out at this beach and it’s still shallow.

San Crisanto had the pink salt lakes and you can see the salt caked up on the side. We also took a boat ride to the cenote in the swamp waters.

I was so tired when I came back home. This trip was from about 8am until 6pm. I had them drop me off because they were going that way towards my house anyway so saved time and taxi fare.

All in all, I’ll be doing more of these cheap little day trips! I have another one coming up this weekend.

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