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First Solo Trip to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon

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This post is almost two weeks after the fact but I have to post it. This was a new achievement for me. My first SOLO TRIP! I went to Las Vegas which was also my first time in Vegas. I just never went as a youngin’ as I used to go to Lake Tahoe and Reno all the time as a kid/grown up and figured Vegas would be the same…just bigger. I won a free night at South Point Hotel and stayed the other night at Embassy Suites. Both hotels are not on the strip which was fine by me because I didn’t even go to the strip. I went to relax and go to the Grand Canyon.

Day One

I went to the Palms Casino and went to their spa. First spa I ever went to too. It was heaven. I found a great deal on Travelzoo for a massage and facial that came with access to their spa. I spent all day there after my hour long flight. I also ate at their Cafe 6 and had the tastiest burger I’ve ever had in my life! It was called a Dr. Pepper burger and yes the sauce was made with Dr. Pepper. It had: Angus Beef, Roasted Portabella, White Cheddar, Caramelized Onions, Dr. Pepper Glaze, Dijon Mustard, Brioche Bun with a side of Onion Rings. The $16 price was well worth it. The onion rings were to die for too. Just thinking about it right now has me wanting to hop on a flight just for it.

Day Two

Was what I went to Vegas for…the Grand Canyon. I went all out with a helicopter flight to the Grand Canyon, short boat ride on the Colorado River, and pictures on the Skywalk. I had too much fun! The helicopter ride was amazing. Although the second pilot went down a little and I thought I was going to die. I can’t believe I used to ride on roller coasters all day long. I would never do it now. The Colorado River boat ride was short just to give you a lower view of the Grand Canyon. The Skywalk was everything. I didn’t even notice how high I was up as I was so excited. The helicopter package came with VIP access and one framed photo. I splurged since I’ll probably never go there again and got all the pictures taken of me plus some professional photos of the Grand Canyon. It was a long, hot day but well worth it.

Day Three

Don’t judge me! I found a Groupon for the Trump Spa and went there for my last day. The Trump Spa was crap in comparison to the Palms Spa. I did like the Las Vegas Jasmine Ritual I received though. I spent $51 on fish, chips, apple pie, and a drink there. I felt so bad, but hey you only live once is my motto.

I ended up missing my first flight because I totally forgot it was a work day and got stuck in traffic. Got online and changed my flight quickly. Had to wait another 3 hours at the airport. I ended meeting a lady that was moving to Arizona and chatting with her for about a hour. Gave her my number and got hers but she has never responded back to me. One reason why I don’t hang with many people…

Anyhoo…I had a so much fun and look forward to my next solo trip soon. Check out the pictures I COULD upload. WordPress decided it could only upload a selective few.

07/04/2016 Edit: I actually had to move my web site to a different web hosting provider. DO NOT use and their wordpress hosting…they block things. No issues with the provider I have now which is I already chatted with their customer service team to help with an issue I was having EARLY this morning and they offered great and quick service even on a holiday (4th of July). So far, so good and I highly recommend them.

Youtube videos of my flight:

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