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Free Private Tour in Antigua, Guatemala

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I’m not supposed to tell anyone this but I got a FREE tour from the school to keep me satisfied. So keep that between me and you ok? πŸ˜†

I received a private tour with just me and my driver. It was phenomenal! Be sure to check out all my pictures below.

Since I had my own driver, I could customize my tour how I wanted. He took me to the mountains where you can climb and take amazing pictures.

We drove to the ghetto which was depressing. The people have dirt floors, no running water inside their tin houses, and have to look at huge mansions down the street that foreigners own. The city is kind of enough to provide a “communal watering spot” where they can get water [see picture]. I didn’t even want to take a picture of where they get water but my driver insisted and that is also why I have no pictures of where the people live. I’m not into sharing those types of image s. Nunca. You can also see a “communal laundromat” where the people wash their clothes. The driver said I could take a picture WITH one of the women washing their clothes and I politely declined. A church was right next door and you can see how beautiful it is.

We went to a macadamia farm and that was really interesting. I received a free facial, got to try regular chocolate and white chocolate with macadamia nuts, and tried out the oils and lotions. I bought a SMALL bottle of macadamia oil since I love my oils and butters and I’ve never tried it before on my body. It was $12 for 0.67 oz. I’ll see if it clogs the pores on my face. The machinery they use to crack open the nuts is so simple [see picture].

He took me to a handmade fabric market. The items in there are SO beautiful and colorful. I will definitely buy a wallet before I leave. I wanted a custom dress [see picture] but the lady said she didn’t customize. I would have paid $50 for a handmade, coral colored dress as I had a dress like that before and it got ruined. It just fits my skin tone.

For my last stop, I wanted to go see jade. Guatemala is the only country in Central America that has jade [see picture] and so they have a jade museum dedicated to it [see pictures]. Jade was heavily used in the old days for rituals and things. Funny thing is I bought jade in China as my souvenir so when I heard they had it here I was like what?!? It’s meant to be! The picture sucks but it’s a beautiful, simple ring made out of silver and yes those are my all natural hands and fingernails…I missed my calling as a hand model. πŸ˜† Purple jade is really rare so I HAD to have it. I paid top dollar ($74.98 US with the exchange rate) since I wanted my ring to fit my finger and have a guarantee but you can definitely get something cheaper at the markets for about $15. I may pick up a few more things before I leave.

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