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How Easy it is to Obtain Medicine in Mexico

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I’m still in the “process” of writing my review for the resort in Playa del Carmen BUT I had to write about my experience with the doctor and pharmacy yesterday.

Before I left home with my dog, I made sure he had a clean bill of health. He gets frequent eye infections because he’s getting old and it’s hard to keep the hair out of his eye. I almost cut his eye a few days ago trying to cut his hair so I’ll just leave that alone unless it gets too long.

Anyway, took him to the vet before I left for Mexico. The eye cream cost me $36.00. I swore I put it away somewhere but I’ve looked everywhere and couldn’t find it. So what do I do? Go to the pharmacy here in Mexico! There’s one right down the street from me with a doctor attached to it. I walk in and say I need “antibióticos del ojo”. She says I need a prescription and points to the doctor’s office. I’m like OH…doctor on site?!?!

I walk around to the side of the building and there IS a doctor in there. I tell him I need antibiotics for my eyes and left my dog out of it. He’s looking at me crazy like um there’s nothing wrong with your eyes lady. So I break down and say it’s for my dog. He’s like ok I can give it to you. Yes!!!

He asks for my name, date of birth, and country I’m from (don’t know why) and types it into the computer. He pulls up a screen with all the medication and he asks what was the name of the medicine. I don’t know! He prescribes me something else that looks familiar. Instead of a cream, he gives me eye drops. The drops actually seem to work better than the cream. My dog’s eye was all gooey and green yesterday. One drop and that cleared up quick. The cream seemed like it took 3 days to work. So I’m supposed to give him a drop every 8 hours for 5 days.

Oh and guess how much it cost me? About $6.94 with the current exchange rate. Compare that to $36 back in the states!

Again…this is why I love Mexico. Could I have done any of this back in the US? NOPE!

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