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Hola senors and senoras! I met up with another visitor yesterday. We had dinner and just chilled. I needed the “english interaction” and had fun. Can’t say I am ever lonely as people come out here all the time and want to meet up or grab a tour. We ate at La casa de Tono Zona Rosa which had decent food but the horchata was really good. Not everyone’s horchata is created equal. Then we went out for drinks and tried a place that had liquor (Tequila and Mezcal) with a scoop of ice cream in it.

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I plan on getting one of these:

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when I head back to the states at the end of the month. I would love to take more videos of Mexico City but a camera phone is just not capable. This I can stick somewhere and record very easily. I can also buy a head or chest strap to take videos. I will buy a waterproof case too so when I hit the beach soon I can take it under water.

Bad news: I’m lazy and such a homebody. Starting tomorrow I WILL have to get on a schedule as I now have school to focus on. I want to go out and explore Mexico City at least 30 minutes to an hour every day. This is why I need a camera.

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Good news:
-I have been invited to Bulgaria for a month of activities and a writer’s workshop. I WANT to go but soon I’ll have my dog and my life will be way more complicated than it needs to be. I could always drop him back off at home and go but I don’t want to put that burden on my father so soon.

-I have been invited to a discounted (yes they wouldn’t give it to me for free) cruise ship adventure on Royal Caribbean. I’m debating if I want to go to Alaska or make it easy on myself and just go from Galveston since it’s close to Houston. I may go for my birthday and take my father along too.

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-I have been invited to write a few articles on web sites and major publications. I will get to that soon enough.

-One of my adventure photos was featured on a women’s travel group web site. So check me out!

-I will be heading to Grutas Tolantongo this week. YES! I’m going I have a fellow traveler coming to visit and we are going to figure out how to get there together. I can’t wait and I’m SO excited. Bucket list item finally checked!

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