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Websites to Learn Spanish Fast

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I have been taking Spanish lessons through Preply. I love my tutor. She is very patient and talks slowly. It is $3 for the first hour then Preply forces you to buy either 5, 10, 15, or 20 hour package. You can also use those hours on other tutors if you want.

Customer service is top notch! I have contacted them a few times because I had trouble booking. It was my fault as I had no idea what I was doing.

You can talk to your teacher through Skype which I don’t like but it does the job. Since a lot of the tutors are in other countries with unreliable internet, you may just have to do audio and cut the video portion off. After I did that the tutoring lesson went smoothly. My tutor lives in Venezuela.

5 hour package costs $15
10 hour package costs $29.40
15 hour package costs $43.70
20 hour package costs $57.00

I plan on doing a lesson every day of the week. So that is less than $100/month for Spanish lessons. In comparison, I paid about $255 and right now 20 hours of private lessons are $450 with the same school.

I will try to do two hours per day with two different tutors. The other tutor will be male to get two different voices going and accents. I am so ready!

A few other places to learn a language:
Italki – never tried this
Rype – I tried this but wasn’t enough teachers to choose from for me. The teacher I had spoke too fast for me.

I will still try to post at least once a week but I have so many things going on right now which include graduate school. I go for daily walks with my dog around my neighborhood if I don’t do anything else special. I will go out once per week to an event in Mexico to give you more information about Mexico.

I will be in Cancun for a week so stay tuned for that!

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  1. Hey! First off, I enjoy reading your blogs and your experience in Mexico City thus far! Keep it up!
    My boyfriend is studying abroad in Mexico City, so I decided to visit him for 10 days (I have 5 days left now). However, I am not having the best experience, and I could use some advice from another person who isn’t a native of Mexico. I’m a bit overwhelmed in this densely populated city, and trying to navigate around via public transit. In addition, being an African American woman doesn’t make it easy, because people are constantly staring at me!! This makes me extremely uncomfortable and uneasy because I can’t move or speak without several people staring at me. How have you coped with the large mass of people and the incessant infatuation/curiosity with your race?

    Thank you for taking the time to read my response! I hope to hear back from you soon!

    • Keen & Ready

      Hey lady! I know other Black people that live in the city and get bothered all the time! I have never been bothered since I’ve been here. The only thing I can think of is my complexion or the fact I’m bald headed or cause I’m tall lol…I really have no idea. The other people I know who are bothered have a darker complexion than me (both men and women). But I am also in my own little world when I’m out and about. I have been catcalled at of course but that’s nothing too big. One lady I met carries an umbrella and opens it when people try to get too close or stare too much. I also hardly ever ride the train or bus…I Uber everywhere since it’s so cheap.

      I have also lived in big cities (Boston, LA, Houston, San Francisco) so big city life is not new to me. Where are you from? Would you be able to take Uber to make your life easier? If you want to meet up today or tomorrow let me know.

      Just smile and keep walking. That’s what I do when I notice people staring. But no one has come up to me and touched me or anything.

      • Thank you for responding to me, Elyse! I really wish I saw this sooner, I apologize for the late response. Unfortunately, I leave tomorrow, so I am free all of today and half of tomorrow. Please let me know if you’re free! I will be downtown today checking out the Frida Kahlo museum. However, I will also be back here in August for my birthday, so I would love to stay in contact!

        Thank you for your helpful and supportive advice. I will try to practice the positive perspective and outlook you have obtained. I am darker than you, and I feel like my features make it very evident that I am of African descent. So, maybe that might cause people to stare at me, I am not sure. Since I have been here, I have been hiding under a hat. But, you have definitely given me the confidence to take it off and show off my rich, dark complexion that I shouldnt be embarrased or ashamed of!

        I am actually from Chicago, which is a really big city. However, I have never traveled to another big city outside of Chicago, and Mexico city is definitely alot bigger!! After almost passing out yesterday on the crowded rush hour train, I decided to treat myself today by only taking Ubers lol.

        Thank you for giving me the useful advice I need in order to go out and enjoy Mexico city without being fearful or embarrased.

        • Keen & Ready

          Yea the elevation in Mexico City is difficult. It will make you dizzy and tired. It’s why I don’t ride the trains lol. I’m in Playa now. But depending on when you come back in August I’ll be here. Glad you got the confidence! Enjoy your freedom here…I’d take a stare any day over the crap back home. Have a safe trip back home!

  2. Fierce Passion

    Thank for the tips about Tutoring. I’ve been studying Spanish off & on since 1987 (my last Spanish class was during the Flamenco Festival in Jerez in 2003). I speak quite well when I’m drunk lol (lowered inhibitions), but an anxious about trying to navigate Costa Rica. Also I mostly speak with a Castillian accent to the despair of all my Latin American friends. Was planning on enrolling in a course in Costa Rica but I think doing some tutoring before I leave will be an even better idea.

    • Keen & Ready

      You should still do the course but if you don’t have the time the online tutoring is very helpful too. Good luck in CR!

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