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Of course, my living expenses have changed since moving here. I’m at the 9 month mark (can’t believe it) of living here. Here is the original post I did. These are estimates and I don’t spend this every month and some months I spend a bit more. Rounding has also been used. AND of course, these numbers can change if the dollar is weak to the peso (which it has been since moving here).

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Rent ($480) - This is supposed to change every month because my landlord thinks he’s slick by saying dollars instead of pesos. I give him $8200 pesos every month and he accepts it.

Life Insurance ($1) - Have to keep that

Health Insurance ($35) - In case my body needs to be brought back to the states and also includes health insurance where I can be reimbursed for anything medically related. I will also purchase a travel insurance policy one of these days since I plan to be traveling within Mexico more.

🦅 One Drone - Create amazing vacation videos with a new drone

Virtualpostmail.com ($15) - To receive mail from the states. The service scans the mail and lets me know what I have.

Telmex ($55) - I got my own internet service as the one in the building is not reliable and I NEED my internet to be reliable to make money. The internet is expensive here but WAY faster than anything I ever had in the US. I get 100mbps and could have gotten 200mbps for extra money.

Telcel ($30) - T-mobile finally cut me off and I had to get Mexican service. I get up to 7gbs per month, unlimited data for Facebook, Uber, and WhatsApp for the price.

🏝️ TravelSafe - Don’t ever leave home without travel insurance!

Anveo ($3) - A US phone number so people can call me. If you sign up, please use referral code: 7488707. Thank you!

Uber ($50) - I don’t drive and just use Uber. Each ride is between $3-10 depending on where I’m going.

Food ($250) - I cook now so my bill came down a little bit.

Entertainment ($75) - This includes going out to different events and eating out at restaurants.

🌻 Printful - Become an online entrepreneur and start an online store without inventory

VPN ($8) - Need this to access certain websites in english. Total about $995 per month

This list also doesn’t include bus/train fare, yearly or bi-yearly things like dental check ups and physicals, domain name, hosting (that’s why you need to donate :), and flights back home. Long term expenses like passport, driver’s license, tax filing fees, etc. etc. etc.

I think that’s it…

*UPDATE: I forgot my Spanish lessons for $129/month. So total is about $1125/month

🚑 Seven Corners - Travel/Health insurance in case you get hurt, sick, or lose your luggage

😘 Every little bit helps. Hosting is $20 per month.

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