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Black Woman Made it to China

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Made it into Beijing yesterday around 3pm. First class was VERY nice and the only way I could fly 12 hours. Having a lie flat bed is a big help as I was well rested and not tired when I arrived.

This time change is going to be the death of me. I fought hard to stay up until 9pm but couldn’t make it. I went to sleep at 8:30 and woke back up at midnight. Decided I’d write something so folks don’t think I didn’t make it.

I’m currently at the Langham Hotel in Beijing for the night. Then I’ll wake up and do it all over again tomorrow to get to Mianyang. I SO overpacked…it was a struggle getting my luggage to the luggage storage area, but I made it! I’m wondering if I can check two bags and go back for the other two later. I’ll figure it out…it’s what I do best.

The hotel I’m staying in is VERY nice. I’ll have to review my flight and hotel when I get settled.

I got pushed on the train and some man I think was trying to scam me to get in his taxi. The airport has designated taxi booths and this man was just standing around in the airport. I read to be weary of the taxi drivers out here as they scam folks.

Just looking at these Chinese letters make me cry but I’ll manage I hope.

Beijing seems like a coo city to live in…it doesn’t look polluted to me…I don’t know if those are lies or what…looks like a normal, major city to me.

Stay tuned…

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