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Review: Oasis Coyoacan Mall

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First time at the local mall. The neighborhood a few miles away from my apartment is like night and day. There’s a train station there, university, Walmart, and the mall is SUPER nice with a huge waterfall in it. I believe the mall is called “Oasis” hence the waterfall. I walked around for a bit to see all the stores. I almost became a consumer again lol as they have some really nice stuff and stores I’ve never heard of. I did find a Best Buy store that had a portable charger! So I will be out and about now like crazy. My first experience will be at a museum that includes tequila tasting on Saturday.

I just bought a language learning program called Living Language to help with my Spanish. I find my class is going too slow and I won’t be in class for about a week come next month. Matter of fact I’m thinking about not going to class anymore period. I’m still on the hunt for a Mexican friend to help me and think I may have found two. It will also allow me to have more time to be out and about because by the end of class my brain is tired and I just want to go home. But I don’t think that will be a problem anymore when I move closer to where everything is.

I will be staying off Facebook come Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It’s going to hurt too much with me not being with my family and my mother not here anymore. I’ll work on my business that day and engulf myself in learning the language.

I’ve been listening to Latin music with a dash of R&B/Rap mixed in and I’m in love lol. Someone told me to listen to music as that’s how they learned english. Funny as I was eating they had Rihanna’s song Work come on and the Mexican boy was singing along. I just laughed.

I can’t think of anything else I’ve done these past few days…so I’m out! Feliz Navidad!

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