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Shoutout to Typhanie Lynch who had me thinking this morning…she asked about a place that speaks to your soul…

After my mother passed away last November I HAD to leave. I left 5 days after her funeral. I had thousands of Southwest points and was like where can I go that’s still close to home and the living is cheap? It was between Mexico City, Cancun, Cabo, Costa Rica, and a few other places. Mexico City was the cheapest to fly to…so I said that’s it. I knew NOTHING about Mexico City…hell never even heard of the place lol. I found a place to live, a Spanish school, and booked my plane ticket, and left with the little change in my pocket lol. I left the Saturday after my mother’s funeral. My Black ass was going to MAKE THIS WORK.

Like I said…I knew NOTHING about Mexico City but when I did start finding out things here and there I’m like WOW. The food is amazing, the people are patient and kind, the things you can do here are UNREAL. All that to say, that there had to be divine intervention and Mexico City spoke to my SOUL and was exactly what I needed. I got what I needed and MORE. I love that place and won’t be leaving anytime soon. (Ok I left because something told me to go chill in Houston for a minute but I’m going BACK! lol) #mexicocity and #shoutouttoallmysupporters

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