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My Grocery Bill For 06/06/2019 While Living in Merida, Mexico

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This is my 4th blog post on my grocery bill. So people can see how I live, how cheap it is to live here, and because these are easy posts while I work on 😊

This week I’m making pepper steak over rice. #delicioso! 🤤

A picture of the arrachera steak (hanger steak in English) I bought. Does it look different than what you find in your city? 🧐

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Here’s my list with prices in Mexican pesos and the quantity is in parentheses:

  • Water 5L (4) $72.50
  • Ajax $25.50
  • Clorox Cleaning Spray for the Bathroom $43.50
  • Muffins (4) $32.00
  • Peaches (5) $42.00
  • Mandarins (5) $17.50
  • Tomates (2) $11.00
  • Onion $8.00
  • Red Wine $99.00
  • Corn Starch $33.00
  • Ginger $16.50
  • Garlic $5.00
  • Steak 500 grams Arrachera $134.50
  • Steak 500 grams $74.00
  • Pack of green, red, yellow bell peppers $35.00
  • Papaya $39.50
  • Paper towels $31.00
  • Sour Patch Gummies $48.00

Some ingredients I already have for the pepper steak. I got two different kinds of steak because I didn’t know which one was best. I’ll just freeze the other pack for another day.

That time of the month is coming so candy.

Total was $918.73 pesos BUT I received a $313.52 credit so total was $605.21. That’s about $31 USD with the exchange rate of about 19 pesos (the exchange rate fluctuates a lot here) = $1 dollar. That includes the service fee, the tip, and any discounts I received.

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