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My Grocery Bill For 06/29/2019 While Living in Merida, Mexico

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This is my 6th blog post on my grocery bill. So people can see how I live, how cheap it is to live here, and because these are easy posts while I work on 😊

This week I don’t know what I’m having but I have plenty of meat in the freezer to choose from.

A picture of yours truly. I need to grab a scale for my new diet and exercise plan. 🧐 This is my handmade bathing suit for my trips about $18.

Here’s my list with prices in Mexican pesos and the quantities are in parentheses:

  • Ajax Floor Cleaner $27.50
  • Lentils 500g $12.50
  • Hummus Dip (4) $167.50
  • Avocados (6) $111.00
  • Spinach (3) $20.50
  • Coconuts (10) $95.00
  • Papaya $46.00
  • Quinoa Chips $79.00
  • Sour Patch Kids Candy (2) $36.00
  • Red Quinoa 340g $77.00
  • 30 Eggs $53.50
  • Blackberries (2) $85.00
  • Raspberries (2) $105.00
  • Blueberries (2) $105.00
  • Grapefuit (4) $8.00
  • Beets (5) 37.50
  • Limes (5) $10.00
  • Lentil Chips $77.00
  • Yogurt (8) $85.00

No meat as I have some in the freezer. Just getting my vegetable proteins and carbs in along with my fruits and vegetables for my new diet.

Total was $1,236.60 pesos BUT I received $386.32 in discounts so total was $870.28. That’s about $45 USD with the exchange rate of about 19 pesos (the exchange rate fluctuates a lot here) = $1 dollar. That includes the service fee, the tip, and any discounts I received.

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