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My Last Day of Spanish School

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Today was my last day in Spanish School. I cried real ass tears for my teacher today. I have not been close to someone like that in YEARS (outside of my sister) and in such a short amount of time. Thank you momma for sending her…I surely needed her!

We laughed, cried, joked til we were blue in the face DAILY. I would say something crazy and she would say, “Ay dios mio!” and call me her crazy student. She told me she would never forget me…and I said well how could you!?! I will never forget her either.

I told her as soon as I’m fluent I’m coming back to visit her so we can have a whole conversation in Spanish. I have been saying ALL week I’m ready to go! But today I’m sad as can be and not ready to go just yet.

We have class in a huge garden and it’s been cold for about a week or so now. I bought her a thermos and a water heater as a present because she deserves it.

I treated myself with a custom made black jade with gold specks bracelet. I have put in WORK these past three months and I deserve it.

Now it’s fun time and I’m on vacation until next week. Also ready to go back to the states and see the nephew.

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