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Mystery Shopping – Get gifts and make extra cash

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Want to make some extra cash? You can mystery shop just about anywhere. I’ve mystery shopped in every city I’ve lived and even visited. You can also mystery shop in most major cities around the world. I’ve seen mystery shops for Dubai, Hong Kong, London, Bogota, Buenos Aires, you name it!

What is mystery shopping?
Mystery shopping is pretending to be a customer to evaluate the business’ customer service but it can also be food too.

What type of businesses can you shop?
ANYTHING! I’ve done banks, funeral homes, new homes for sale, massage places, restaurants, retail, hotels, car dealerships, flights, apartments, again you name it!

What type of pay can you expect?
$0 (you get to keep your gift) to no limit! I’ve made $100 in 30 minutes. I’ve made $15 in less than 5 minutes. But you still have to add in writing your shop report. But either way, the compensation and gifts are good!

What is mystery shopping like?
I call it my acting. I’ve made up or had to use fake names. I’ve used a fake “profile” where I made $250,000 a year and had many assets.

The funeral home calls were the worst but it was easy money. I had to pretend a loved one died so I used my ex’s name and information. I always chose cremation because it was simple and didn’t take too long to end the call. I had to sound really sad on the phone. I remember one time smiling and I got in trouble with the company for it.

I’ve gotten all kinds of free things from meals to flights to hotel stays.

The sky is the limit when mystery shopping. I really miss doing it in the states. In a few hours, I plan to do one. I haven’t done one in months. This one is an easy $30 and I just have to go in, try on some clothes, ask a question, make a purchase, and return it if I don’t want the item.

I’ve only had ONE bad experience mystery shopping. It was right after Michael Brown got killed and a white woman made a comment to me about protesting. I made sure I wrote all of that in my report. Hopefully, she got fired.

How bad are the reports?
The reports can be horrific or super easy. I’ve written a report and it took an hour but those were the ones where the benefit outweighed the report such as a free hotel or flight. Most reports can be written in 15 minutes or less. Some you don’t even have to write, just click a few buttons and you’re done. Those are the best.

Drawbacks of Mystery Shopping
None! The only thing I didn’t like was not knowing the results of what you wrote about. Did the establishment get better? Did the employees get training? What changes are going to be made because of little ol me?! I’d like to think I’ve influenced a lot of places we shop at every day.

How do you get paid?
You get paid 15-60 days after completion of each shop. This just depends on the company. You are paid by Paypal but a few companies still pay by checks. A few do direct deposit too but those are far and few between.

How to get a job?
There’s a huge list of companies on the website listed below. You have to apply for EACH COMPANY and then apply for each job on their website. They’ll send emails and you have to be quick on the draw to apply and get them.

Hope I didn’t forget anything. Any questions? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment and I’ll answer quickly.

Find a list of companies HERE

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