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So after being in China for a little bit, it made me realize I need to learn a language or two if I’m going to be competitive in this world. It sucked going everywhere and not knowing what the simplest of things said. I was scared to get certain things at the grocery store because I had no idea what it said. My next trip I’ll be heading to Ecuador to learn Spanish for 3 months. I’ll be leaving next month as I need to make sure everything is alright with my family first.

I found a private tutor that comes highly recommended for 20 hours per week for $8/hour. So $160/week for language lessons. I rented an apartment on AirBnB.comΒ for $211/month total cost of $635 after fees. I’ll be flying United straight through to Quito with no layovers for a cost of $542. I’ll just have to buy food, transportation, and whatever activities I want to do. They use the dollar so no exchanging money.

I’m super excited and I’ve been joking with my dad that I’ll be able to press 2 on the phone when I come back.

I also wanted to hop over to Brazil to learn Portuguese since it’s relatively easy to learn after Spanish but I need to apply for a visa there’s no easy way to get there from Quito. A flight back there would be $800+ and just not worth it. Maybe I can take up some Skype classes to add another language to my resume.

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