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Alright so I got my packing list together. I also bought a Sea To Summit Ultra-Sil Compression Dry Sack - Grey Large to compress my clothes and other belongings to fit snugly in my backpack. Here is my packing list for clothes:

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Thorlo Long Walking Socks and Thorlo Short Walk Socks (2 pairs of each)
I need comfortable socks to walk in and I tried Thorlo socks a few years ago and fell in love *UPDATE I only added 3 pairs to my cart so I have 2 short pairs and 1 long pair. I may just buy another pair off of Amazon if I have time
Nylon Period Panties (6 pairs) - Nylon is thin and quick drying plus doesn’t hold odors well Sweaters (2 pairs) - I got my sweaters from JCPenney as they sell tall and are good quality. They are pretty thick so I’m only packing two.
Tank Tops (4 pairs) - I’ll probably end up packing way more as they are thin and add barely any weight. I got mine at Forever 21 as they last forever and are cheap in price. I can also wear them to bed too.
Dresses (2) - Again Forever21 makes great dresses and they last forever. I got two really thin and weightless dresses to wear for interviews and anything that may require dressing up a little. They also make long enough dresses that come down to my knees.
Pants (2) - I got mine at Chadwicks as my mother was offering to get me a few pairs. I got two pairs of jeggings that fit well enough and also stretch enough to wear thermals underneath if I’m cold. Chadwicks doesn’t exist anymore. ☹️
Shorts (4 pairs) - Got mine at Forever 21 and Walmart for cheap. I’ll probably end up packing more as they’re lightweight and don’t take up space plus I can sleep and exercise in them too.
Bras (4 pairs) - I gave up on underwire bras years ago. But I found some really nice sports bras during Victoria Secret’s annual bra sale.
Swimsuit - I’ve had the same swimsuit for about 6 years now. I got it from Hot Topic. SO yes they make quality swim suits. And yea I haven’t gained much weight lol…
Jacket - Still waiting on this one. But I got a two jackets from Tanga with sherpa fleece inside them. Won’t pack this, but wear it on the plane. Didn’t know the quality that’s why I got two and leave one at home to come back to.
Coat - When I moved to the Northeast I found out about Land’s End. They make quality and affordable cold weather clothes. I pretty much bought all my clothes from them before I left. I found a really nice coat on there for 69.99 regular 139.99 then they were having a 50% off coupon. Total price with shipping came to $46. Yea I’m not a fan of the color either but $45 for a cold weather coat I can wear just about anywhere is a steal!
Sarong - I’ve been reading that this is a must have when traveling. It is so versatile and can be used for many different things.
Wool Thermal Top (2) - Got a few at Jockey.com. I got men’s small as I’m a tall woman but a small was TOO small for me and it’s almost squeezing me. I’ll make do though…I’ll be using these as a base layer.
Wool Thermal Bottom (2) - Also from Jockey.com…all they had was medium so that’s what I got. They fit fine.

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That’s my clothes packing list so far. Stay tuned for the rest of my packing list.

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