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Packing List – Medicine

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I have to pack essential medicines that I may need. So far I have:

-Asthma pump – pretty much essential or I could die
-Aspirin – take a few pills just in case
-Ibuprofen – different than aspirin so I’ll take a few pills
-Pepto Bismal – never know when you’ll need it a foreign land BUT I was just fine in China
-Imodium – ditto for this too
-Allergy Medicine – I had terrible allergies in Houston plus I have ear problems on the plane
Lena Cup – for women and your period so need for pads. I HIGHLY recommend this. I was on my period in Hawaii and I wanted to snorkel and zipline without worrying about a pad. I ran around with this baby all day and didn’t feel a thing.
-Mini Pads – taking a few for before and after my period
Emergen C – taking a few packets so I can get acclimated to the environment quicker

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