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Packing List – Shoes

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Next up are shoes! I’m so in love with my Birkenstock Sandals. I always thought they were for the hippie white people, but I bought me a pair after I heard they have great arch support and last forever. I have no arch in my feet and I also have a deformed toe that my mother smashed while I was in her womb. So it’s hard for me to just wear any type of shoe. I’ll be packing those for sure.

Next I’ll be packing just any old plain flip flops to use as shower shoes. I got a pair off of Ebay for cheap.

Then I’ll be packing a pair of cheap flats. Yes I said I need arch support but these are just for any type of interviews I have then I can get a better pair when I start working.

Lastly, I’ll be packing a pair of walking shoes. I’m going to try out these highly rated shoes from Walmart. Otherwise I’ll take them back and get a pair of Asics as I walked miles in DC with no problems. Felt like I was walking on cotton balls the whole time.

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