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Review: Priceline Name Your Own Price

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I want to rant and rave about’s Name Your Own Price. This is how I was able to stay in Washington DC for so cheap. The hotel I stayed at can range from $200-550 per night not including taxes! I bid on Priceline and got a price of $149 per night for 4 nights including taxes. You can’t beat that for the Dupont area of DC. I was right next to a train station, had plenty of food places I can walk to, and not too far from the airport.

Basically, you input a price you want to pay for a hotel and Priceline scans different hotels to see if that offer will be accepted. You can choose from a 1 star to a 5 star hotel and pinpoint a location in the area you want to stay. You will not know what hotel you will be staying at until the offer is accepted but it will be in the star rating and location you selected. For example, I will not go lower than a 3 star hotel. That usually includes Best Western and Holiday Inn and I’d definitely be happy with those hotels if they accepted an offer from me. Once a hotel accepts an offer from you, you cannot decline the offer and it is binding. But you can obtain a fantastic deal on a hotel by using Priceline.

I stayed at The Fairfax at Embassy Row which was a nice hotel. Nothing fancy but it’s close to all the main attractions like the White House. I stayed on the fifth floor and customer service was good. They have people to help bring your bags up to your room. My bed was very, very comfortable and I slept like a baby. The hotel has a small restaurant with good food and decent prices. I had spinach dip and stuffed artichokes with a glass of wine one night. The rooms were quiet and I didn’t hear anyone, but I did stay at the end of the hall so no one was able to walk past my door being loud. They have a business center too where you can print and surf the internet. They also have a fitness center so you can work out. Nothing more nothing less. I would stay there again. I just wish they had a pool!

I will write about my adventure in DC tomorrow!

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