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When I say I love this place I really DO! My iPhone cord was acting up and I didn’t feel like going out today. I remembered someone here telling me about Rappi. Rappi you can get whatever you want delivered. I said YESSS! I went online and had to figure out what to do but finally figured it out. They have a restaurant, store, and then “whatever you want delivered” section you can choose from.

I put in my first order with them and got 80 pesos off my order which is a great deal. My order was dispatched and I was able to communicate with my driver straight from the web site. I told him I needed an iphone charger with the cord. My order was delivered in less than 20 minutes.

Total cost was 100 pesos including a 10 peso tip. So about $5.60.

I give Rappi two thumbs up. Use my code for some free money: 5mo2112378.

Want a FREE stock?

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