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Reggae Night and My First Mexican Fight on the Train

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So I went to a Reggae Night…

A friend and I found a flyer for a Reggae themed party so we’re like let’s go! It was in the Zocalo area and we searched and searched for about an hour, took a break, and went back to see if it was now open. It was open FINALLY! But it was literally a hole in a wall (look at the pictures). We walked in and there was nowhere to sit and it was open. Since it’s rainy season in Mexico City, this is not good at all. We quickly exited and went back to the side of town we lived on.

We took the train there and back. While on the train there was a drunk man and he first started leaning up against me. I’m like what is going on? I moved him and he moved away from me to someone else. That someone else was a man with a family…specifically a little daughter. I don’t know what happened as my back was turned but the father got upset and punched him when we got off the train (I missed getting that on video). I’m guessing the drunk man touched his daughter. I respect the man for protecting his family and the drunk guy needs to go sit down somewhere before he gets a REAL GOOD beating. I thought the guy was going to beat him bloody. It was funny as a bunch of Mexicans took off running away from the fight. Usually, I would too but I didn’t think the guy was THAT dangerous and was going to pull out a gun. He would have already done it if that was the case.

But anyway I’m having the time of my life in Mexico City!

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