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How I Almost Died From A Sandwich in Mexico City

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Never told this story…this happened back in February…

I got SO SICK off a damn sandwich. A sandwich! And let me tell you it was the best sandwich I have ever had in my 30 years on this earth! It just came out the back but I was so dehydrated over two days. I broke out in a hot sweat, passed out on the bed, and was seeing stars…I thought I was going to the upper room! Woke up a few hours later feeling better. This is why I keep Emergen C on deck and garlic now. Garlic is a natural cleanser and antibiotic. The garlic really helped! I have not had a sandwich since and I’m SO mad because MAN that sandwich was SO good.

Oh and FYI the place was called Maison Kayser Parque Delta. Don’t do it to yourself!

I’ve only been sick twice in Mexico. The second time was at an Indian restaurant.

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