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Semalt Expert: How Virtual Reality Video Content Improves Your Marketing Practice

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In digital marketing, there are many marketing techniques, which can bring potential buyers to the door step of your store, literally, to your e-commerce website. However, this method some extra attention to it to be able to make an impact on your internet marketing strategies.

When using virtual reality video content, you need to beware of the following mistakes, explained by the Customer Success Manager ofย Semalt, Jack Miller.

Get the tech right

VR content comes in two ways: high end and low end. This factor affects your marketing strategy in that the high end presents a remarkable entry into the business at the expense of a price. For instance, high-end video content may involve devices like the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift. Another case, you may be advertising a car that has extreme racing capabilities, at the same time showing some classy elegance with a luxurious official theme. In another perspective, good VR is a potential niche for future success. The shares of revenue from Virtual Reality are projected to increase from 90 million USD up to 5.2 billion USD by 2018. This niche is a good place to do SEO and other online marketing techniques to reach the proposed 171 million users by then.

Technical aspect

One factor, which makes a difference in the authenticity of art, is the refiners. On one piece of VR, you can readily see some errors and imperfections due to the raw content which is available for the online marketing campaign. On the other hand, some competitors’ videos may be refined and attractively highlighting the main idea without blemish. It takes some extra human touch in the studio to improve the camera works and come up with a good representation of the full quality.


When making VR content, it is worthwhile to include a crew of experts who can make your content be a top notch as well as almost perfect. Some common imperfections may include the capturing of a camera tripod on a commercial for a banner, or two station cameras capturing each other involuntarily. When you are going to face such a situation, it is good to hide the kit.

Content consumption

Knowing the quality, level of standard and the niche you are targeting, you may have to find a platform of how or where you want them to watch it. This watching could happen on a website, social media, webinar or websites like YouTube. Many companies have complained of investing vast sums of money in video projects only to make clips, which can’t play on most devices. On the other hand, mobile applications can excellently harbor such content.

The standard solution which most people overuse is directing the traffic with a series of steps on how to watch it on platforms like YouTube and VR. However, introducing complexities can limit your conversion rate, which can make the e-commerce process difficult to sustain. Furthermore, streaming quality is highly dependent on many factors, which might render your VR SEO efforts futile. To solve this problem, make a mobile app, which shows how video can be an ideal VR marketing strategy.

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