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Staying Safe When Dating Abroad

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Finding a mate on a Adult Dating web site can be hard to do. There are rules to this just like back home. If you didn’t know already:

1.) Meet in a public place. Just like back home, you should meet somewhere where a ton of people can see you. Even if your goal is just a one night stand, your first meeting should take place at a coffee shop, museum, café, park, or some other public venue. This will let you “feel” the person out so you can identify any obvious red flags before going somewhere privately.

2.) Please tell someone where you’re going and what you’re doing. I always tell my sister, sometimes my father, and at least one other person. I also post on Facebook regularly, so if you don’t hear from me…something is up! Arrange to check in with that person at least once during your date. You can even go so far as having friends sitting by and keeping an eye out on you.

3.) Trust your instincts! If something doesn’t feel right, it usually isn’t and you should leave. You are under no obligation to continue a date. That person is not who you are looking for.

A few other tips:

1.) Don’t insult their country. Since you haven’t been there long enough to assess a country’s situation, to talk badly about another’s country is a big no and a huge turn off. I would avoid this topic all together.

2.) Men are men and women are women everywhere. There are good and bad ones everywhere. But in the end we’re all the same.

3.) You will not fully know someone until you speak THEIR language. Words, ideas, gestures become misconstrued all the time until then. For example, a nice looking older man wearing a business suit stopped me in the street. He kept saying solo and mi familia. So in my mind he was asking if I came here by myself and was alone. I’m like hell no I DID NOT! He was going to kidnap me. But no, he was asking if I was single and had kids basically. So there you go…I messed that one up.

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