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Mexico: The Permanent Residency Process

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So this is a quick summary of what I had to go through to get permanent residency…if you want the longer version you’ll have to sit down with me over tacos one day. But the #1 rule is to check your local consulate (or whatever consulate you choose to go to)!

So as of 03/08/2018, I am officially a permanent resident of Mexico…

Ok to circle back to the process in Mexico and how much it cost vs how much it cost ME (your costs may vary drastically). The only way to get the visa process started is to go back to the states and visit a consulate there. So if you have already left the US, factor that into your costs. Also, each consulate has their own rules to an extent and oh they made up rules on me left and right. I tried FOUR times each time with a bullshit ass reason as to why I can’t get it. But *cough* the white folks in my Mexico groups had such an easier time…”Oh they didn’t even look at my documents”, meanwhile they combed through mine like a fine tooth comb. 😤

The visa fee at the consulate is $36 and you pay this every time you submit an application (they may let you slide though…they let me slide up until my final visit). Then the additional fees after that, once you’re back in Mexico, are about $263 with the exchange rate the day I paid my fees so that may vary too. It took me a month from start to finish to get my permanent residency and I am now officially #Mexican lol. Total…I maybe spent $600 as I used points to fly, included a vacation to visit my family in Houston, a vacation to DC and Vegas, public transportation to the immigration office, Uber, and local taxi service.

There are no medical check-ups, background checks, notarizing, apostilles, NONE OF THAT for Mexico. All you need is proof of income which is pretty low and also each consulate gives different numbers so some are easier to meet than others.

I supposedly went through the hardest consulate…Houston…but the lady was so nice.

I believe Mexico is one of if not the easiest to get permanent residency IF you can meet the income requirements. Who can say they got permanent residency in a month? Not many.

I’m also LOVING my new life in Mexico. I get treated very nice everywhere I go and have not been met with any kind of barrier or adversity *knocks on wood*. I’ve been here since November 2016…so a little over a year. I highly recommend Mexico as a haven if you want to leave the US permanently.

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  1. So glad it worked out for in Houston. I have read lots of comments about it being difficult there. I know you’re glad the back and forth is over. I have a question. Do you have to have an address or a lease set up in Mexico to apply?

    • Keen & Ready

      At which point? The consulate in the states or here in Mexico? The visa application at the consulate asks for an address…I put my father’s address lol. The application at Migracion here in Mexico asks for an address in Mexico so I put my address. If you move you have to update them so hopefully the address you put you’ll be there for a while.

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