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Toe Fuckery at the Spa – Bamboo Antigua Spa

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Sigh…so yesterday I decided to get a mani-pedi here in Antigua. I went to a very nice looking spa. But looks can surely be deceiving! I received the WORST pedicure of my life (see the pics). Then the spa had the audacity to sneak a pic when I wasn’t looking. I don’t even know when they could have taken the picture! After all that, they posted my picture on their FB page like everything was good.

I just can’t…

So, I told them to TAKE DOWN MY PICTURE and showed them my toes. For whatever reason, they contacted me on instagram instead of through Facebook. They want to make it right and do my fingers too for free. At this point, I have no desire to sit in their chair again for HOURS. I just want a refund but I’ll see.

I’ll also be sure to tell them that it’s not okay to take pictures of people without asking them. Now throughout all my living in Mexico, I’m wondering where is my picture all over the internet!!?

It was so bad yesterday, I stopped for a glass of wine after all this because it’s so unbelievable. The guy that did my toes was PROUD of his job and the front desk lady didn’t care when I showed her the pictures.

And yes I TRIED to get a recommendation but in most countries, mani-pedis are a luxury and people don’t get them. These spas cater to foreigners that live here and visit. I’ve even known people in the US that have never had one. So I just chose a spot that looked nice and the price was right.

The place is Bamboo Antigua located at 6 avenida norte casa 35, Antigua, Guatemala 03001. Phone number is +502 7832 2673.

If you decide to go here…good luck! Maybe their other services are better? I’m not looking to find out EVER!

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