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Torta Food Festival in Mexico City

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I went to the Torta Food Festival yesterday instead of doing the cable cars. The cable cars will require a bit more planning as the start of them are 16 miles away. Also, the neighborhoods aren’t safe but you only live once so I’m going to go anyway!

The Tortas Food Festival was so fun! It’s a small festival that had music, activities, and tons of free food. The vendors were handing out all kinds of samples. I got full by just eating the samples. They had beef, pork, and turkey. I don’t think I saw chicken once. They also gave out samples of mole and different desserts and drinks.

I ended up buying two bottles of eggnog. When I tell you this stuff is delicious and addicting…MAN! I can’t even put it into words how good this stuff is. I tried almost all their samples and like pistachio the best. They had other flavors like chocolate, irish cream, blueberry, and vanilla.

This is why I love Mexico City so much. There is always something to do and you should never be bored. How many festivals in the US do you get to fill up on samples? And when I say fill up…they gave out multiple samples and did not limit you to just one sample.

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