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I want to rant and rave about Uber Eats. They are in cities all over the world and they deliver food from many restaurants in your local area. I first found out about Uber Eats when I lived in LA but they weren’t in my city yet. When I found out Mexico City had Uber Eats I fell in love with the city even more. I saw a guy riding on a motorcycle with a bag full of food with the Uber Eats logo on it and I screamed! Uber Eats has saved me from starving to death many of times.

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Uber Eats is tied to your regular Uber account so no need to make another account. Just download the app and login using your Uber username and password. It costs me about $2.22 for each delivery since the dollar is ridiculously weak now.

The first screenshot shows a list of restaurants I can choose from in my area. Each restaurant lists their menu and if there are any options for the food you desire. For example, if you want no beans then you can say no beans and add more cheese.

The second screenshot you can search for what you’re in the mood to eat. So let’s say I want hot wings then I can search for it and it will give me a list of recommended restaurants in my area.

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The third screenshot will list your current, past, and future orders.

The fourth screenshot is your profile, payment information, where you can sign up to work for Uber Eats, a link for referrals to get free food, and to enter any promotion codes you may receive.

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First time I used Uber Eats my delivery driver came on a bike. I’m waiting for them because Uber Eats said my food was arriving. I was shocked. Even though I’ve lived in big cities I’ve never seen someone delivering anything on a bike. I think it’s great Uber Eats is employing people and giving them jobs. Now how much they make per delivery I don’t know. But if you only have to travel a few blocks it’s a good gig.

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Oh and I cut my hair so you’ll be seeing pictures of me bald now. :)

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